Friday, 31 October 2008

Why GDI is the business YOU have been looking for

Blogging here has brought me a number of new customers in all my core businesses, but some of you still need some more encouragement and convincing!

One way or another you’ll all be thinking about sending greetings cards to your nearest and dearest in the next couple of months, for the best way to do it see my previous post under the link above.

Now, let’s talk about GDI! GDI will give you a web domain with the suffix .ws, hosting for your website to go under that domain and a great business opportunity all for $10 a month – the price of a few cups of cappuccino.

Why should you join GDI with me rather than any of the thousands of other GDI affiliates out there?

That’s easy. Join through me, and I will build you a one page lead capture site with a mail form that returns data to an email box of your choice. It can be the mailbox associated with your GDI account or any other. Cost – NOT A PENNY!

GDI are about to launch a brand new webmail service so you don’t have to forward your domain’s email or bring it into a mail client like Outlook or Thunderbird.

You will, by the way, get more than one mailbox associated with your GDI domain, so your whole family can have one or more email addresses and you decide for each one whether you collect it by webmail, forward it to something else or collect in your mail client.

You can use your one page website to get new potential customers for anything you choose, the background image can be exactly what you want, we will work together to achieve it.

After your potential customer has completed the mail form, you can go to a second page with some simple text saying thank you, or re-route them to your blog for example, or to an affiliate site of your own choice.

I can also quote for creating a website like My Greetings To You. GDI hosting does have some limitations as to what you can include on your site, but will be fine for basic needs.

Many people just use their .ws domain to cloak their GDI affiliate site, or other affiliate site. I think this is not a good idea - sure you get something that looks individual, but all the more disappointing when the visitor finds out its just an affiliate site behind that carefully chosen personalised domain name.

However, if its the unique and unusual domain name you want, then go ahead - its your choice!

One possibility that might get you good traffic, is to choose a domain name that is a mis-spelling or mis-typing, lots of people will search using the name without the suffix for example. You get the idea... beware of blatant cyber-squatting though which could get you into trouble.

So, what does GDI pay? For every customer you bring to GDI, you get $1 per month in commission, so you’ll need 10 customers to cover your costs – EASY!

This special website building offer is my personal way of adding value to the business – it isn’t a standard feature of GDI.

You'll get your first week with GDI free, while you find out all about the opportunity and what it can do for your income - that applies to every new joiner.

So, check out my GDI site and sign up today - I'll be in touch as soon as I see your registration - thanks and have a great weekend.

An alternative to joining just GDI is to join via this site which can really put your recruiting 'on steroids' - .

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