Thursday, 4 October 2012

A new lottery game affiliate opportunity

Like most people in the UK, I buy National Lottery tickets fairly regularly and think I am lucky when I win.

Over time there have been attempts to start up alternative lottery games in the UK and also some tries at using the official UK Lottery as the basis of an affiliate business. The last of these was ruled illegal a couple of years ago and closed down leaving a lot of people out of pocket.

The Player's Lottery is an opportunity to do something new. A lottery that is genuinely fair and aims to give fair odds to its players as well as offering a chance for them to build a business by bringing in other affiliates and players.

Affiliates get a chance at free draws and commissions on ticket sales.

Tickets are reasonably priced and I think this is worth a good look.  The best news though is that this opportunity is not just for the UK, it is available internationally.


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Are you one of the 70%

I was amazed to read this week that up to 70% of PC users NEVER back up their hard drive, so finding a low cost service for this essential procedure was good news.

Even better was finding out that I can start out as a re-seller at no more than the cost of my own backup service and upgrade to a qualified affiliate later on, and maybe even qualify for manager bonuses if I build a big team.

So often, home based businesses start out with impossibly large start-up subscriptions and upfront payments so it was great to get the news that this one just requires a couple of referrals to break even and you are on the way!

If you wanted to cover that tiny monthly cost before you even get started then why not join Clixsense and do their offers and tasks daily.

The name of the backup service is CloudZow and you had better get used to hearing the name because all your friends are going to be getting into this for themselves.

You don't even have to pay that $5 right away because you get 15 days free trial before they charge your card - how cool is that!  You'll have a chance to start building a team of retail customers and would-be affiliates in that two weeks.

Here's the link to find out more -

Thursday, 16 August 2012

I digress a little

Last night I listened to a radio programme on BBC Radio4 called 'What is the point of universities'. A number of young people were included, all but one of whom said they didn't care about the debt they would get into, they wanted to go to university. I really felt that their reasons were suspect and that they did not really have a clear long term view of the type of job they would be looking for when they finished or of the personal qualities they would need over and above actual qualifications.

The programme mentioned some of the courses offered by universities that were very narrowly focussed on one particular career path. A friend's daughter took this kind of course a few years ago. She didn't get particularly good results, and IMO probably shouldn't have gone to uni at all. She would have been better served by some kind of apprenticeship path or what used to be called a 'sandwich' course where work experience was an integral part of the qualification. Those courses seem to have completely disappeared whereas 30 or 40 years ago they were commonplace. She wasn't able to get a job in the very particular field she originally chose and I now hear she has gone back to uni to do a second degree in another more 'saleable' subject.

But, what really disappointed me was the total lack of entrepreneurial spirit displayed. Many people will have watched 'The Apprentice'. I think this programme now has a US equivalent, and what it aims to do is to put young people into real business situations and see how they stack up. I often find myself cringing at the lack of knowledge of how the world works they display and I know I wasn't like that in my early 20's.

The prospective university students and new graduates on last night's programme did not seem to be thinking about how they might start to pay off their student debt even before they left uni. Network marketing is an ideal way of earning some income as a student, over and above state help with fees and the 'bank of Mum and Dad'. Not only is there a vast choice of companies and products to suit every kind of person, but students have a ready made warm market - and one with an annual renewal system!

The attitude to network marketing seems to be markedly different in the UK compared to the USA. Across the pond, it seems pretty normal for people of all ages to consider this route to extra income. Here it is regarded with totally unnecessary suspicion and hostility. Most people don't even understand the difference between an illegal pyramid selling or Ponzi scheme and a perfectly legitimate affiliate or network business and they don't seem to WANT to try something other than being employed by someone else.

Of course I am trying to change attitudes, hearts and minds towards being in business for yourself, but last night's programme gave me more reason for despair than help. Maybe schools have to change the way that they teach subjects like science and even maths right from primary school level and use far more real-world examples in the problems they set students. And when it comes to career advice, it really is time to hold up people like Richard Branson and Alan Sugar not just as shining examples of success, but also as examples of people who were driven from an early age by the idea of working for themselves rather than lining someone else's pockets as an employee.

I am trying out a new way of finding customers for my networking businesses - I am writing to people who are advertising that they are looking for jobs on websites like Gumtree, trying to raise their consciousness about the possibilities of self-employment. I'm not having much success yet, but I will carry on. There must be some people out there with enough gumption to do something other than paying a weekly visit to the Job Centre and waiting for their next state benefit to arrive.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Trollz - don't ya hate them?

Following a number of accusatory and libellous attempted comments on this blog, I have regretfully decided to restrict comments on this blog to Google account holders and of course they will still be moderated before they appear.
Why anyone would think that they could get away with posting such trash I cannot think. I have my suspicions who they are. One of the TE's I use regularly is Sweeva which has a chat system that is tied in with whoever's site is on display. I know I am less than popular with certain Sweeva users because I don't wuss around if I can see something is clearly a scam or I have a fair and objective criticism of site content or graphics. That is the whole point of the site.

However, some trolls over there are too fond of using the block user facility to prevent legitimate comment on the rubbish and offensive material they choose to display. They are top of the list of suspected spammers here, but we'll see. They won't bother to comment if they know their identity will be revealed.

Bullies are cowards at heart - always and inevitably.  You know who you are.

Success of the week is Leadskimmer.  The ads I have run for this have produced at least one sign up per day this week, sometimes more. For newcomers to network marketing, it is undoubtedly a useful tool to build a list. Everything else ticking over nicely. 

Sunday, 5 August 2012

A week of list building

This week has been 100% about building my list for everything I promote and stepping up my advertising a notch to bring new people into my 'warm market'.

I have also learned a few new things about list building and picked up some useful tools to help me in my quest for more potential customers. Did you know there are some fatal mistakes you can make in the process of building your list? I learned something here and would like to pass it on to you all. Here is the link to a free e-book which will explain some of the potential traps which marketers can fall into when building a list.  Better still you get PAID to give this e-book away!

The other useful tool I picked up on recommendation from my Zeek sponsor is called Leadskimmer which I will be testing over the next week and seeing what difference I can make with it.

Currently Leadskimmer is supposed to work best if you have MMPro, Aweber or GetResponse autoresponders. I have GVO because it links up with another offer I am running and I rather resent being forced into having to sign up with another one. Leadskimmer is very vague about what happens to any leads you generate if you don't have one of their favoured autoresponders. There is reference to them going into a csv format list which is fine, but it isn't clear about where I find them in my back office.

I'm going to run some LS ads in Traffic Exchanges and other places in the next week, and see where the names turn up. You have to generate at least 4 leads anyway before you see any results at all because the first 3 are passed up to your sponsor. 

Friday, 27 July 2012

Online biz world rocked by EgoPay

Online businesses worldwide have been in considerable confusion about the opening of a new online payment processor EgoPay.  

The reason for the confusion is that there were claims on some websites that EgoPay was a subsidiary or otherwise linked with industry leader Payza  (formerly Alertpay). There was good reason to think this might be true since the need for a new processor was sparked off by Payza announcing that it was withdrawing its services for what it termed 'high risk organizations'.  This move in itself is alleged to be caused by financial regulators in the U.S. clamping down on Payza amidst fears that it was a vehicle for money laundering and possible terrorist funding. Certainly, some of the organizations known to be using Payza have some 'unfortunate' strong associations with countries where terrorist activity is rife even though Payza itself may not operate in those countries.

As a member of JustBeenPaid, a controversial organization in itself, the transition from Payza to EgoPay has caused massive confusion and consternation and staff have not responded with the speed, nor in the manner that customers might have expected. There are staff shortages at JBP which are being addressed. A rather optimistic statement appears on the JBP site today that all delays associated with EgoPay have been sorted out, but my withdrawal to EgoPay has already been outstanding for a week and is currently 'blocked' while 'additional anti-fraud procedures' take place. I tried in two separate sessions in web conferences yesterday to get a conclusive answer to what these procedures are and staff and moderators were, I felt, deliberately evasive, pretending they had answered the question merely by re-reading what I asked. Another block is in place refusing to answer support tickets concerning EgoPay which is extremely frustrating along with an email yesterday saying that I would have to wait at least another 48 hours.

Midweek, a statement appeared on EgoPay that it had no association with Payza whatsoever. Curiously that statement has gone this morning. It seems that the two WILL work closely because Payza will continue to be the route of choice for users to fund and withdraw via Egopay where Payza will be the final link to the user's cards and bank accounts. Few have yet completed such transactions so there are no reliable stats for the efficiency of the procedure. I have anecdotal evidence that transactions between the two are trouble free and will update here if I hear different.

EgoPay itself is located in Belize which has not been the most stable environment in the past and is noticeably lacking in financial regulation. It remains to be seen how this will affect reliability and honesty in its dealings.

Those of us who inhabit the world of online business will have to wait and see but one thing is clear, it is going to be hard to survive WITHOUT opening an EgoPay account sometime soon.

JBP payment finally came through after 1 week to EgoPay and I transferred to Payza this morning with no difficulty. The timeframe given on the site is 1 business day, so as today is Saturday 28th, it may not go through till Monday. I can live with that!

Post-postscript - as I thought, cash arrived in Payza today Monday 30th. All I would really compain about is the JBP timings and the fact that the fees to withdraw to EgoPay are twice what they are for STP which JBP clearly favour but have had site downtime issues recently. For the time being, I am giving EgoPay a thumbs up.