Wednesday, 15 April 2009

EI42 - Your FREE online shopping portal

If you live in the USA or UK, and love to shop online, you could save yourself some money here and even end up in profit if your friends shop with you and/or open their own portals.

You earn from your referrals down an amazing SEVEN levels!

The idea is simple. Instead of directly visiting online shops and sites like ebay, Next, Argos, PC World, and loads more (1338 in all in the UK), you visit them VIA your EI42 portal. When your spend is confirmed, you get a cash rebate in your account - simple. When you reach £20 worth of rebates, you get paid to Paypal.

The site is customisable and colourful and very easy to use. I actually joined this last year, accidentally deleted the email address associated with it and forgot all about it! Just think of all the rebates I could have earned - what a pity - still got it now and can share it with you all.

Please visit and join via the link appropriate for where you live

UK -


I would also like to give a mention to fellow 'tweeter 'bloggirl' - some excellent moneymaking links on her blog at - visit it soon.