Thursday, 27 May 2010

More little ways to free cash

Apart from Geostring which is ticking along nicely, I have found a couple of other good moneymakers this week.

Of course I have been Tweeting about them a lot and I have learned a very neat trick to get my tweets noticed. What you do is to look at the 'trending topics' list in your Twitter sidebar. See if there are any topics that you could use in a tweet that would connect in anyway with your marketing message.

For instance, I found a hashtag #Yougottaloveitwhen. I used this in a tweet about Sendoutcards and hey presto, just minutes later, someone visited my SOC website and signed up for a free gift account - if they like the service - which of course they will, they can simply buy more points and postage on the site to convert the gift account to a retail account, or that could be the start of a new distributor on my team - see the power of watching hashtags?

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Found on SWOM!

I've been making loads of new contacts in the few days I have been on SWOM, and the requests to be a 'connection' keep on coming.

Took a step sideways today to check out some of these new acquaintances and found a really great and genuinely helpful blog.

Penny Cannon is a Brit, she lives in Devon and her blog is called 'Wiggies Warren'. Apart from a VERY comprehensive writeup on SWOM, she talks about getting a nasty PC virus and how she fixed it. I am currently owner of a virtually dead laptop. I'd been all through the steps that Penny mentions and was on the point of giving up and wondering when I was going to be able to buy a new lappy, plus wondering about getting my files off it. It seems there is hope, so will try Penny's suggestion and see if it works.

There is a lot of other information on the blog making it a great resource for any Internet Marketer.
A definite thumbs up and recommendation.

Wiggies Warren

Monday, 10 May 2010

Congratulations Squidoo - you listened

After all my moaning about it here and on Squidu, the Squid Forum, the home page has finally been fixed. There are still some anomalies, but I think it may be a timing issue - at some times of day, you can look at the Top 100 lens list, then when you look at one of the lenses, it may have a ranking above 100.

Along with some other angry Squids, I have been making war on 'live streaming' sports lenses that link to spammy blogs, and sometimes worse - to a page that tries to sweet talk you into giving them your email address for 'offers' then you find you are expected to PAY for an offer before you get access to the live video.

It's been a kind of busy week elsewhere, what with the UK election  and doing a lot of mystery shopping or accompanying a friend on his mystery 'shop' excursions, two free meals thanks to our market research company Retaileyes, a good curry and a trad. Sunday roast lunch. More about mystery shopping here.

I have a blog post to create over on 'Angry Button' before I release this one, so do please hop across and read that one too. Right now I need a cup of tea and a think about which of several subjects on the drawing board will emerge as the next lens. I note that I didn't publish a link to the last one about Noah's Ark being found in Turkey - an experiment which proved that my theory about watching Google trends and Twitter trending topics actually works.