Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Are you one of the 70%

I was amazed to read this week that up to 70% of PC users NEVER back up their hard drive, so finding a low cost service for this essential procedure was good news.

Even better was finding out that I can start out as a re-seller at no more than the cost of my own backup service and upgrade to a qualified affiliate later on, and maybe even qualify for manager bonuses if I build a big team.

So often, home based businesses start out with impossibly large start-up subscriptions and upfront payments so it was great to get the news that this one just requires a couple of referrals to break even and you are on the way!

If you wanted to cover that tiny monthly cost before you even get started then why not join Clixsense and do their offers and tasks daily.

The name of the backup service is CloudZow and you had better get used to hearing the name because all your friends are going to be getting into this for themselves.

You don't even have to pay that $5 right away because you get 15 days free trial before they charge your card - how cool is that!  You'll have a chance to start building a team of retail customers and would-be affiliates in that two weeks.

Here's the link to find out more -