Thursday, 21 March 2013

Gosh is it really so long since I last blogged? Incredible! What have I been doing all that time?

Well regrettably being ill for a lot of it. Since Christmas I have been seized with really crippling depression and it doesn't look like letting up yet. The one thing that has helped and saved me is writing, but not for my blog. I've added a list of Squidoo lenses to my portfolio and they are doing really well.

I have also been learning techniques to write better lenses and to promote them better.

In terms of online businesses, I have two that are ticking along nicely and those are Banners Broker and ProfitClicking.

 The main source of my depression is linked to my divorce and the realization that some time in the future I am going to have to move. In some ways the house is my sanctuary. I have fought so hard to keep it through several repossession attempts but my ex is now trying a different legal route to get me out. He may ultimately succeed but may also have to accept less than he currently thinks he can get. He's up to some kind of trickery as the address he has given the court does not match the address that the mortgage company accidentally let slip a few months ago. He should well know the threefold law that brings you bad karma for doing bad things to someone else.

 On the plus side, I have some great friends who have been keeping me strong and I thank them here.

 Here are the new Squidoo lenses that I have written since the beginning of the year.

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