Sunday, 1 December 2013

Mathematical Money

Bitcoin is one of a group of digital currencies that has been making some headlines recently and is being closely examined by the conventional financial world.

One thought expressed is that this could seriously de-stabilize conventional currencies and another is that it should be banned simply because it is anonymous and therefore ideal for money laundering. I think probably neither will prove to be true because it is too unstable and not tied to any conventional currency in the same way that Paypal or Payza is for example.

In the same way, the money launderers won't be crazy about a currency that can halve its value relative to the dollar overnight. I have to say I don't totally understand exactly what DOES drive the Bitcoin value relative to any real world currency.

Nor, at the moment do I understand the mathematics that drives Bitcoin production. Yes, you can actually manufacture Bitcoins by this complex mathematical procedure and you don't HAVE to understand how it happens.

There is plenty of info around about getting started with Bitcoin, you can Google for it. There are also places you can make Bitcoins in the same way as you do ordinary money - clicking ads, watching videos and so on.  It's a lot of effort for tiny rewards but if you want to do it, it's up to you.  Here's a place to get started - Bitcoinget or BitVisitor to find places to earn Bitcoins.

I first wrote this post earlier in the year and have edited and re-issued in view of the fact that Bitcoin has become better known and has experienced a massive rise in value. It may be a bubble, maybe not.  Online merchants like Gyft (US based) are now accepting Bitcoin and the first Bitcoin ATM has opened in Vancouver. If Bitcoin continues to rise in value, your clicks for fractions of Bitcoins today may turn out to be worth very much more in months and years to come. On the other hand it may be worth zilch.

The market is very volatile right now and there's no telling which way it's going to go. In May this year one Bitcoin was worth about $350, in the last few days preceding this post it has been over $1000.

One thing that all the Bitcoin documentation tells you to do is to back up your wallet or wallets to your PC because hacking is a risk and also keep an offline note of your IDs and passwords because they are not retrievable.

Useful sites to visit are Blockchain and MtGox where you can get a Bitcoin address and somewhere to store the Bitcoins you will be earning plus a means of storing that value on your PC or cloud drive. Even better is Coinbase where you will earn for referring new members who use the site to transfer at least 1 Bitcoin. Coinbase will allow you to create new Bitcoin addresses.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Contact List Builder/Traffic Leads to Income Review

Doctors need training, engineers need training, soldiers need training, they all need training to do their jobs efficiently and well, so why do internet marketers think they are different

Why do they believe that they can sign up in a program and be millionaires next week. Of course the purveyors of the get-rich-quick kind of programs have to take some responsibility but marketers DO need training and I have found the ideal place to get it.

For several weeks now, I've been meaning to check out how the Contact List Builder and Traffic leads to Income programs fit together and work, but I never got around to it till about a week ago.

Now that I have, I really regret the time that I wasted! The whole system is just brilliant. It has been put together by top marketers Janet Legere and Rob Gehring.

The product at the end is leads and traffic to all your websites - and as Janet says, we all know that traffic does lead to income.

What you have is two linked suites of business programs that can be set up and used independently as can all of their components, but the real secret is in setting the whole lot up to work together and using all the training available to learn how to make them into a real business powerhouse for you.

Don't think of this as your 'main business' although with the commissions available it may well become exactly that.

Take me for example. I would regard the weight loss product program BodyByVi as my 'main' business and within the Contact List Builder suite there is a downline builder where I can promote it to anyone who joins CLB with me.

The component programs may well be things you are already in, but don't worry, you won't have to change sponsors and re-join, you can use your existing membership and affiliate codes here. You will find affiliate toolbox programs, mailers and traffic exchanges amongst others, everything you need to start promoting a successful online business.

The recommended start point is from Contact List Builder. Some of the components are free - in fact most are within the two main programs, the only real exception being GVO which is used for the autoresponder and web hosting. However, if you already have another a/r or hosting account, don't worry because it isn't mandatory. For anything you don't join, the affiliate code for that component, when people join with YOU, will be your sponsor's.

The downline builders allow you to work at your own pace so you don't get overwhelmed by information about all the different components. Best not to join all of them in one day - if you get lost, refer back to the CLB steps or get in the Skype group and ask questions - that's what it is there for!

When I did put my mind to it, I got the whole suite set up in a couple of hours. The only minor problems I experienced was in getting the GVO web hosting set up as I was using a domain name I had registered elsewhere. You can do it from within GVO and they do have great special offers, but here are some alternatives. Get free domain names here. Get domain names AND great hosting here (especially if you want a domain).

If you are joining and get stuck with the web set up, contact me and I'll help or even do the whole thing for you (including setting up a ready to use Wordpress blog) for a small cost. It might save you from tearing your hair out if you aren't a techie. You'll find contact info at the top of the blog.

I already mentioned training, but I want to emphasize this aspect. Via videos, webinars, a Skype group and lots of documentation on both Contact List Builder and Traffic Leads to Income, you'll find everything is explained and you will get regular opportunities to talk to the program owners directly as well as other users.

I am still finding new information and education on both sites, but the most useful thing to date is a done for you daily action list to keep  every part of your new business up and running smoothly and producing new leads and prospects all along the line.

Here are the links you will need.

Contact List Builder - start here

Traffic Leads to Income - you'll find that the steps in CLB lead you here anyway, but take a look at the program anyway so you understand the concept. If you want to jump in immediately - go here.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Get a free domain name from a Pacific coral island

This is a 'quickie' just to update you all on a fantastic new place to register domain names, absolutely free forever - find banner at the end of this post.

You are looking at a little Pacific island group called the Tokelau Islands. They are miles off the tourist track and have no obvious or reliable way for islanders to make any money or even grow very much food. There are multiple coral islands and reefs. The whole group only covers 4.7 square miles (12 square kilometers) and if you wanted to go there, it would take a flight to Samoa followed  by a 37 hour boat trip.

The inhabitants have been there for over a thousand years and traditional stories link them with the Cook Islands and Tuvalu. It is an NZ non-self-governing territory.

To help fund essential services on the islands like education and healthcare, they have started an internet project supported by a number of Fortune 500 worldwide companies. 

To find out more about the islands and their internet project go to

Tokelau Information

They have set up the project in such a way that they can offer the world free domain registration for up to 12 months renewable. Longer registrations are available but are paid.

If domains expire that have had good traffic, they will be used to host advertising, another form of revenue. I think it is a great way to get a free domain and to benefit the inhabitants of one of the most remote places in the world. Click below for your free .tk domain. It's time to get real and recognize that it doesn't really matter what is on the end of your domain name, it's the name itself that counts - whether it is yours or something else memorable and unique.

They have some recommended hosting companies, but I already have free unlimited hosting as a feature of my GVO account, which is a fantastic bargain at just $9.95 per month as it also includes a top class autoresponder which you will pay more than double that amount just for the A/R alone elsewhere.

If you just want a domain that you can re-direct to an affiliate site, you can do that right from the domain registration - click on the banner to get started and get unlimited free domains today. 

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Cash when you share videos with your friends

One of my friends has a long mailing list of other friends who like jokes. Some of them are pretty smutty and sexist, but occasionally he sends out something really funny. 

I also send him jokes to pass on. A few days ago, I sent him a video link. The link was for a Heineken ad, that was apparently banned, probably for being sexist but it did make me smile. Clearly my friend's friends are also passing it on, because my tracking shows that the link is still being watched many times each day.

The great thing is that every one of those views and shares is making me money. I created the link on a site called UvioO which pays me to share video links. I post on Facebook, in Twitter and on other social networks and of course I email links to friends. 

 You can make more money on UvioO by paying for checkpoints and map positions, but I'm unsure about this at the moment. I am doing some research and looking for someone who has actually been paid. The idea is that you gain more than you pay out for checkpoints and maps. 

 UvioO accepts cards and Payza inwards and checks, Payza and SolidTrustPay to pay you. I'm not sure why they won't accept STP inwards, and I may wait till this happens, or Payza finally starts accepting business from the UK again which isn't looking like it is going to be any time soon. 

 There is a Pro option which gives you additional money for your activities. I'm not looking at this one as a possible major source of online income, just a small trickle and I'll see where it goes. 

  Here is the link to take a look how it all works.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

How to grow an income with Pay to Click sites

Pay to Click sites typically involve visiting a number of ad sites each day for which you get paid extremely small amounts of money. If you can refer others, then it is possible to increase your earnings by a considerable amount because you also get a share of the earnings from their clicks.

Some, but not all sites allow you to rent referrals. There is, of course a risk that you will rent someone who is not active and the sites can't guarantee that any member you rent will be active. For a sum smaller than the original rental fee, you are usually allowed to exchange your inactive member for another one.

There are some sites which you will see advertised a lot, but are not necessarily reliable. Neobux for example has had bad ratings in the past for being slow to pay and for slashing the payouts to free members after they have already done the clicks and earned the money. That's what happened to me in the past. They may have improved, but I am not wasting my time going back to find out.

Other sites have a very high reliability rating and have a fair number of ads to click every day, whether or not you are upgraded. Clixsense is one of these. In addition to the straight ad clicks, you will find the 'Clixgrid' where you can find cash prizes under some of the squares and also surveys and offers. On the plus side, the Clixsenseupgrade is only $17 for a full year, on the downside, they don't rent referrals.

Wordlinx is also worth a look although they don't have a lot of ads every day. I have also joined Clixten who seem to have a good number of ads per day, and you can also earn by watching short videos.

My top recommendation for the moment is Nerdbux. If you are a member of the Sweeva traffic exchange, ClickTrackProfit or, you will already know that their admin is reliable and trustworthy and Nerdbux is another site from the same team.

There are loads of ads every day - up to 60 or even more, they rent referrals at competitive rates and there are other options for earning money. Offers, the Nerdgrid (like CLixgrid) and micro jobs.

Now you may think that clicking a load of ads every day for a tiny return is not worthwhile. This is the strategy I recommend you use for Nerdbux. Rent referrals as soon as you can from your earnings and you will find that your income snowballs very quickly. You can rent one at a time. Don't put a big sum in to rent referrals as you will spend all your time recycling the inactive ones and waste your income. 

Grow your referral team one or two at a time and recycle the bad ones as you find them. You will make better use of your time and money that way and you will grow a team that is 100% reliable in clicking for you most days. Of course people have holidays and sickness so if they don't click for a few days, give them a chance to come back. In time, you will not have to click all 60 or so ads every day unless you want to, just a dozen or so to keep your referral clicks and make a little extra.

There are people who claim that they can live on the profits of Pay-to-Click and of course they want to tell you how, in a report they will charge a load of cash for. Don't bother with it because you'll get basically the same information I am giving you here.

I have talked about only the PTC sites where I have personal experience, I cannot speak for, or recommend others, you will have to try for yourself.

While you may not make a full time income, you could get to a position where your PTC earnings can pay for your upgrade/monthly subscription to something more profitable/useful like your autoresponder for example or your web hosting and I think that is the real secret of using PTC to your advantage.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Gosh is it really so long since I last blogged? Incredible! What have I been doing all that time?

Well regrettably being ill for a lot of it. Since Christmas I have been seized with really crippling depression and it doesn't look like letting up yet. The one thing that has helped and saved me is writing, but not for my blog. I've added a list of Squidoo lenses to my portfolio and they are doing really well.

I have also been learning techniques to write better lenses and to promote them better.

In terms of online businesses, I have two that are ticking along nicely and those are Banners Broker and ProfitClicking.

 The main source of my depression is linked to my divorce and the realization that some time in the future I am going to have to move. In some ways the house is my sanctuary. I have fought so hard to keep it through several repossession attempts but my ex is now trying a different legal route to get me out. He may ultimately succeed but may also have to accept less than he currently thinks he can get. He's up to some kind of trickery as the address he has given the court does not match the address that the mortgage company accidentally let slip a few months ago. He should well know the threefold law that brings you bad karma for doing bad things to someone else.

 On the plus side, I have some great friends who have been keeping me strong and I thank them here.

 Here are the new Squidoo lenses that I have written since the beginning of the year.

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