Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Get a free domain name from a Pacific coral island

This is a 'quickie' just to update you all on a fantastic new place to register domain names, absolutely free forever - find banner at the end of this post.

You are looking at a little Pacific island group called the Tokelau Islands. They are miles off the tourist track and have no obvious or reliable way for islanders to make any money or even grow very much food. There are multiple coral islands and reefs. The whole group only covers 4.7 square miles (12 square kilometers) and if you wanted to go there, it would take a flight to Samoa followed  by a 37 hour boat trip.

The inhabitants have been there for over a thousand years and traditional stories link them with the Cook Islands and Tuvalu. It is an NZ non-self-governing territory.

To help fund essential services on the islands like education and healthcare, they have started an internet project supported by a number of Fortune 500 worldwide companies. 

To find out more about the islands and their internet project go to

Tokelau Information

They have set up the project in such a way that they can offer the world free domain registration for up to 12 months renewable. Longer registrations are available but are paid.

If domains expire that have had good traffic, they will be used to host advertising, another form of revenue. I think it is a great way to get a free domain and to benefit the inhabitants of one of the most remote places in the world. Click below for your free .tk domain. It's time to get real and recognize that it doesn't really matter what is on the end of your domain name, it's the name itself that counts - whether it is yours or something else memorable and unique.

They have some recommended hosting companies, but I already have free unlimited hosting as a feature of my GVO account, which is a fantastic bargain at just $9.95 per month as it also includes a top class autoresponder which you will pay more than double that amount just for the A/R alone elsewhere.

If you just want a domain that you can re-direct to an affiliate site, you can do that right from the domain registration - click on the banner to get started and get unlimited free domains today. 

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