Tuesday, 15 June 2010

New Looks!

If you are one of my regular followers or an occasional visitor, don't be surprised if the blog looks different every time you visit for a while. Aliens have not taken over. Blogger has introduced a new template customizer and I am experimenting with all the myriad new looks to choose from.

Now, back to business. Still looking for and finding nice little earners. Now here's a suggestion for you. Pick a couple of them, maybe MyLikes (if you have at least 50 Twitter followers) and Readbud. Watch your earnings rack up, maybe wait for a payday. Then instead of frittering your money away on treats, use them to go into a paid program. I'm suggesting GDI because it is relatively cheap and reliable. You could equally choose VWD (e-lottery) if it is legal where you are, or Sendoutcards or whatever other paid program you happen to be promoting.

Your aim should be to get your prospects into a solid business with a REAL product or service, of value to them personally, that they will stay in for the forseeable future, not a fly-by-night matrix or cycler.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Sweeving to success

Continuing from my last post when I talked about a number of 'little earners', it's all been going hunky-dory. MyLikes - the Twitter advertising moneymaker, is proving very popular, and people are signing up every day as well as clicking on my ads, but that has a lot to do with some new methods of promotion.

Swom is certainly one of them. Everytime I check my SWOM dashboard, there are people who want to connect with ME and I have made it a habit to choose a couple of their contacts to request connections with.  From those connections have come some signups and also some budding friendships and business relationships.

One of those is with a guy called Mark Gartrip. Mark has written a book which kind of follows on from the ideas I had already latched onto in 'The Secret', but it develops the ideas into something far more self-empowering. Mark is keen to get the book into an ebook format, something I know a little about and to find new ways to market it. For the moment you can buy 'How to Fix your life' in hard copy format - highly recommended reading, and you can test drive the first two chapters here on Mark's blog.

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Thursday, 3 June 2010

A Little from a Lot

http://www.cashium.net/?rid=jennysue19http://wordlinx.com/?r=281639I have a bunch of really brilliant free-to-join opportunities which are not taking off as much as I thought they would do. The reason is, that on the surface they don't look like they are going to make millions for you. This post explains why you have to look at the bigger picture.

In one case, Geostring, you are only making just $0.01 from every person who signs up with you, but it goes down a massive TEN levels! Plus you do have to wait a while to get the payback. Just stop and think about it and use the calculator on the site to work out your returns if you only sign up 3 and they only sign 3 and so on - I promise you, it is STILL massive - so don't ignore it please, it takes a moment to join and so easy to explain to potential referrals.

Three of the other opportunities revolve around Twitter, one way or the other, Two - RevTwt and Twivert are straightforward ad tweeters, You get an email or go on the site to receive the ads they want you to tweet and you are paid per click, They also pay for referrals, Yes, the revenue looks tiny, but you have to think in terms of how much per month you earn from each one.

The latest Twitter-related opportunity I've found also works with Facebook, blogs and websites, MyLikes gives you a 'menu' of opps and services to choose from and, different to RevTwt and Twivert, YOU get to talk about the products in your own words. MyLikes also pays per click and in some cases per TWEET at a much higher rate and for referrals, What is so nice about it is that it pays WEEKLY and you only have to accumulate $2 to get paid, by Paypal, so a $4 referral will guarantee, straight away, that you'll be paid that week.

Then, there are paid-to-read like Readbud and paid to click like Clicksense, Neobux, Wordlinx  and Cashium - in the last 3 you can rent referrals to help you earn, this can pay off, but keep an eye on the stats. It is certainly working with Neobux. In the others I have a small but loyal following of referrals who click regularly. You could make $3-$4 overall daily just while you drink your first cup of tea in the morning.

Then there are my mystery shopping trips and online surveys. Once again, you have to be diligent, do all the jobs you are offered and look at what you are getting per month. I wrote about the companies I work for on Squidoo - the mystery shopping ones are UK, and ROI, but you only have to google where you are to find similar ones, Some of my survey companies like Toluna and Lightspeed are international, others are UK. Some pay and some don't and some take the mickey by getting a load of data from you then telling you that you 'don't qualify' for the survey. Ciao is particularly bad in this respect and when you do qualify, you get peanuts so don't bother with them, I've also taken part in focus groups on and offline which have paid travel expenses and as much as £30 for participation, through these same companies.

Taken together, the mystery shops and the surveys usually pay my grocery bill and my gas and electricity which are, for the moment on rechargeable key-meters. If I reach a payout threshold on the surveys (and one, Pinecone pays me separately for each one) I might also get £10 or so in Paypal, or as an Amazon voucher which, for an avid reader is most welcome. Valued Opinions include paper vouchers for John Lewis stores in its reward scheme - these also work in Waitrose supermarkets.

What I am really getting at here, is that even though what you are getting from these activities on their own, may look tiny and not worthwhile, you don't have to spend much time and effort each month on all of them together to accumulate a sum worth having. So, if the rewards look tiny to begin with, don't overlook these little earners, regard them as part of a bigger picture of online rewards. Look at my previous posts too, for more free-to join moneymakers.

Finally, I want to tell you how I came to write this post. I've been reading Rhonda Byrne's book 'The Secret'. This is a self-help book that NO online marketer can be without. It totally transforms your attitude to life, to relationships and moneymaking and is the basis of all those other 'attraction marketing' e-books you may have seen or read. The contributors to 'The Secret' go back hundreds of years. They all knew the power of saying 'Thank you' and being grateful for small things in your life, as a step on the way to greater achievements. Please, click on the link and buy 'The Secret' and you will understand. It is just a few dollars and you WILL thank ME for the rest of your life.

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