Tuesday, 15 June 2010

New Looks!

If you are one of my regular followers or an occasional visitor, don't be surprised if the blog looks different every time you visit for a while. Aliens have not taken over. Blogger has introduced a new template customizer and I am experimenting with all the myriad new looks to choose from.

Now, back to business. Still looking for and finding nice little earners. Now here's a suggestion for you. Pick a couple of them, maybe MyLikes (if you have at least 50 Twitter followers) and Readbud. Watch your earnings rack up, maybe wait for a payday. Then instead of frittering your money away on treats, use them to go into a paid program. I'm suggesting GDI because it is relatively cheap and reliable. You could equally choose VWD (e-lottery) if it is legal where you are, or Sendoutcards or whatever other paid program you happen to be promoting.

Your aim should be to get your prospects into a solid business with a REAL product or service, of value to them personally, that they will stay in for the forseeable future, not a fly-by-night matrix or cycler.

GDI gives you web hosting and a domain name,  VWD gives you UK/Euro/Spanish lottery entries, Sendoutcards gives you a great way to send real greeting cards from your PC without the hassle of printing and mailing them yourself. These are tangible and understandable products and services.

For some reason totally beyond me, a number of networkers seem to hate GDI - why? They provide perfectly good web hosting, and the rates aren't excessive. They now feature a much improved website builder which is great for anyone without the skill to DIY.

I hadn't really bothered to promote GDI for a while until I noticed that my downline had reduced. Naughty me. I should have monitored that and contacted them when they abandoned ship to ask why. Anyway I have set about regaining the income from that source. In the process I noticed that GDI have dropped their payout threshold and I had some uncollected cash which will be on its way to me very shortly.

Looking around for ways to promote I found two candidates. One is MyEzybiz. Now since this is in pre-launch, it's hard to quantify how well it is going to work! The basic offering will be co-op advertising. It's free to enter right now, so you may as well get in there. The downline structure has a spillover feature, so you will gain from my recruiting efforts as well as your own.

The second candidate is Bear Marketing. Like MyEzybiz it works for people already in GDI as well as those new to the program. It also promotes the popular Peoplestring and again, if you are a member already, you just enter your ID for your sponsors to pick up and come in underneath you.

And now another little earner, so far untried. I can't quite work out what IncomeWeb are up to. They want you to post a scripted banner code in your site, so presumably the banner could show multiple ads. I'll give it a try and see what happens. Please let me know if you see anything objectionable being advertised and I will zap it! Banner follows.

That's all for today folks!

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