Sunday, 19 January 2014

Growing your team one at a time

A recent webinar from Don Legere gave me the subject of this post. Don is the husband of Janet Legere who owns Contact List Builder and a very successful networker in his own right, going back to before he knew Janet.

He told us about a former boss he had at an insurance company. That guy was really successful at getting good sales and everyone asked how he did it. He didn't think about what he wanted to earn or even his personal or departmental sales target for the month. He just thought about getting ONE new sign up and what that entailed and how he took them from prospect to customer.

He had painstakingly refined his technique so that when he was talking to a new prospect and in his follow-up stages so that that person felt like they were the ONLY one that he was concentrating on, not just one of many that went to make up a sales target that their money was a part of. The better he got at it, the more one-at-a-times he could fit in a day, so in the end, he was hitting his monthly targets by the end of the first week.

This led to me considering what it was that brought me into CLB and why I am sticking to it like I have never stuck to anything before. It isn't just that CLB has all the elements I am looking for to create a sales funnel for my primary business BodyByVi, it's the way that Janet runs it.

She has been revising the step-by-step process by which you build and customize CLB and she has made that process into a collaboration by involving us all via Skype groups which have refined the steps, eradicated little errors and created a much improved product.

Maybe you looked at CLB before and thought it looked too complicated. OK, you can't expect to set it all up in 10 minutes. It isn't all 'done for you', and is a better product for that. You have to do the spade work ONE step at a time. The fantastic thing is that those steps are so well described now, with diagrams and graphics, so most people can get through without a hitch. Those that can't know they can come to the Skype groups and get answers. It's going to take you a week or more to sort it all out but oh boy will you have a solid base when it's all up together. 

The whole point here is the one at a time approach, the same as when you are talking to that new prospect. Make them feel that they are top priority just like Janet does with us. If you are writing autoresponder follow up letters, emphasize a step by step approach for your business and on a personal level, ensure all your customers understand it.

It isn't intended that we sit down with our credit card and join everything in one day including shelling out for all the upgrades.  No, we do one step at a time, make sure it works, get other people to test it etc before going to the next. In fact you can get by with paying for little more than your autoresponder which is great for the dirt poor new marketer.

Whatever program you are in, and whatever you are trying to build a list for, this approach will work and your customers are more likely to stay with you because they can see the value in your system or product because of YOUR single minded enthusiasm. CLB does not replace what you promote now, it builds a funnel around it, so that your CLB team become your biggest fans and are happy to go look at your primary product by the time the CLB system puts it in front of them - yes, it is right there, embedded in the system. You make money from the components of CLB itself as well as your own product.

What you have to do now (apart from considering joining Contact List Builder of course) is to think about the process of bringing just one person into your business. How you first get in contact - IBO Toolbox is a great help here, what you say to them to enthuse them about what you have to offer, and so on. Don't rush your fences, take time to make a friend first,  and remember ONE AT A TIME.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Mathematical Money

Bitcoin is one of a group of digital currencies that has been making some headlines recently and is being closely examined by the conventional financial world.

One thought expressed is that this could seriously de-stabilize conventional currencies and another is that it should be banned simply because it is anonymous and therefore ideal for money laundering. I think probably neither will prove to be true because it is too unstable and not tied to any conventional currency in the same way that Paypal or Payza is for example.

In the same way, the money launderers won't be crazy about a currency that can halve its value relative to the dollar overnight. I have to say I don't totally understand exactly what DOES drive the Bitcoin value relative to any real world currency.

Nor, at the moment do I understand the mathematics that drives Bitcoin production. Yes, you can actually manufacture Bitcoins by this complex mathematical procedure and you don't HAVE to understand how it happens.

There is plenty of info around about getting started with Bitcoin, you can Google for it. There are also places you can make Bitcoins in the same way as you do ordinary money - clicking ads, watching videos and so on.  It's a lot of effort for tiny rewards but if you want to do it, it's up to you.  Here's a place to get started - Bitcoinget or BitVisitor to find places to earn Bitcoins.

I first wrote this post earlier in the year and have edited and re-issued in view of the fact that Bitcoin has become better known and has experienced a massive rise in value. It may be a bubble, maybe not.  Online merchants like Gyft (US based) are now accepting Bitcoin and the first Bitcoin ATM has opened in Vancouver. If Bitcoin continues to rise in value, your clicks for fractions of Bitcoins today may turn out to be worth very much more in months and years to come. On the other hand it may be worth zilch.

The market is very volatile right now and there's no telling which way it's going to go. In May this year one Bitcoin was worth about $350, in the last few days preceding this post it has been over $1000.

One thing that all the Bitcoin documentation tells you to do is to back up your wallet or wallets to your PC because hacking is a risk and also keep an offline note of your IDs and passwords because they are not retrievable.

Useful sites to visit are Blockchain and MtGox where you can get a Bitcoin address and somewhere to store the Bitcoins you will be earning plus a means of storing that value on your PC or cloud drive. Even better is Coinbase where you will earn for referring new members who use the site to transfer at least 1 Bitcoin. Coinbase will allow you to create new Bitcoin addresses.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Contact List Builder/Traffic Leads to Income Review

Doctors need training, engineers need training, soldiers need training, they all need training to do their jobs efficiently and well, so why do internet marketers think they are different

Why do they believe that they can sign up in a program and be millionaires next week. Of course the purveyors of the get-rich-quick kind of programs have to take some responsibility but marketers DO need training and I have found the ideal place to get it.

For several weeks now, I've been meaning to check out how the Contact List Builder and Traffic leads to Income programs fit together and work, but I never got around to it till about a week ago.

Now that I have, I really regret the time that I wasted! The whole system is just brilliant. It has been put together by top marketers Janet Legere and Rob Gehring.

The product at the end is leads and traffic to all your websites - and as Janet says, we all know that traffic does lead to income.

What you have is two linked suites of business programs that can be set up and used independently as can all of their components, but the real secret is in setting the whole lot up to work together and using all the training available to learn how to make them into a real business powerhouse for you.

Don't think of this as your 'main business' although with the commissions available it may well become exactly that.

Take me for example. I would regard the weight loss product program BodyByVi as my 'main' business and within the Contact List Builder suite there is a downline builder where I can promote it to anyone who joins CLB with me.

The component programs may well be things you are already in, but don't worry, you won't have to change sponsors and re-join, you can use your existing membership and affiliate codes here. You will find affiliate toolbox programs, mailers and traffic exchanges amongst others, everything you need to start promoting a successful online business.

The recommended start point is from Contact List Builder. Some of the components are free - in fact most are within the two main programs, the only real exception being GVO which is used for the autoresponder and web hosting. However, if you already have another a/r or hosting account, don't worry because it isn't mandatory. For anything you don't join, the affiliate code for that component, when people join with YOU, will be your sponsor's.

The downline builders allow you to work at your own pace so you don't get overwhelmed by information about all the different components. Best not to join all of them in one day - if you get lost, refer back to the CLB steps or get in the Skype group and ask questions - that's what it is there for!

When I did put my mind to it, I got the whole suite set up in a couple of hours. The only minor problems I experienced was in getting the GVO web hosting set up as I was using a domain name I had registered elsewhere. You can do it from within GVO and they do have great special offers, but here are some alternatives. Get free domain names here. Get domain names AND great hosting here (especially if you want a domain).

If you are joining and get stuck with the web set up, contact me and I'll help or even do the whole thing for you (including setting up a ready to use Wordpress blog) for a small cost. It might save you from tearing your hair out if you aren't a techie. You'll find contact info at the top of the blog.

I already mentioned training, but I want to emphasize this aspect. Via videos, webinars, a Skype group and lots of documentation on both Contact List Builder and Traffic Leads to Income, you'll find everything is explained and you will get regular opportunities to talk to the program owners directly as well as other users.

I am still finding new information and education on both sites, but the most useful thing to date is a done for you daily action list to keep  every part of your new business up and running smoothly and producing new leads and prospects all along the line.

Here are the links you will need.

Contact List Builder - start here

Traffic Leads to Income - you'll find that the steps in CLB lead you here anyway, but take a look at the program anyway so you understand the concept. If you want to jump in immediately - go here.