Thursday, 24 September 2009

Let's PROVE duplication works - together

In network marketing, one of the most frequent things you will read or hear is that to be successful you have to DUPLICATE.

The word duplicate means copy exactly, but from what I’m observing, a very large number of marketers don’t listen and don’t do it!

To be fair, when you go into many opportunities, the first thing that happens is that your upline goes OFFline and you never hear from him or her again. In several of the opportunities I have joined and abandoned, and a couple I am still in, I know that my uplines aren’t even in the business any more.

They have moved on, probably joined something new, and abandoned a whole new set of people to flounder on for themselves.

A great marketer who I had the pleasure of working with recently, gave me a lot of help and good advice. He was prepared to take it down to the wire and tell us in training EXACTLY what advertising he used, where, what to say and how to sort out the people who came out of that process. I HAVE been using his techniques and been better for it, and now I want to stress it to you.

In one sense, it doesn’t much matter what your product or service is, but I could NOT become involved in anything that was just a money game, albeit with a thin veneer of a few ‘information products’.

The point is this. Whichever of my primary businesses you come into – and they are all described here or on my other blogs – I will HELP you to duplicate – on one condition. You have to join, listen, learn and above all DUPLICATE – copy me in the type of advertising I use, what I say and so on.

No going off at a tangent thinking you know better!

Just to prove to you that if you do it right, you WILL make money, I’m going to conduct an experiment. In the last couple of days I have found a couple of fledgling businesses, one already launched and totally free, the other in pre-launch and free for the time being.

If you join these AND do what I say, you WILL make money. When you have enough in the kitty, I’ll offer you the chance to join other businesses in my portfolio.

By that time, you will know me well enough to get on skype and chat to me, or even pick up the phone if you are in the UK, send me a text or talk.

To compare and understand WHY this works, just take any real-world job. Let’s say working in a supermarket filling shelves. To do that job successfully you need to be able to know where to find items in the warehouse, how to load them onto a trolley safely and where the items should go in the store.

It’s also nice to know where the staff restrooms and cafeteria are, where you can get your uniform laundered and a host of small things. It could take you weeks or months if no-one helps you and if they don’t you’ll probably be so upset and depressed at your colleagues’ lack of helpfulness, you’ll be scanning the vacancies for a new job.

On the other hand, if everyone helps you, encourages you and shows you where things are and what to do, you’ll be off to a flying start AND your team leader will probably get a few nice words said by THEIR supervisor for being good at training new people. You’ll enjoy it, the job will be done well and ultimately the customers will be happy too, and when YOU get promoted to team leader, how will YOU train your newcomers?

Network marketing is NO DIFFERENT. It is often portrayed as being a ‘closed world’ where a few people at the top make all the money and everyone else feeds them. In reality the only reason that they are making money and you aren’t is that you aren’t copying their success recipe.

You know this all makes sense – so this time you WILL DUPLICATE won’t you!!

Let’s test the theory. Join these two freebies, and I’ll be in touch as soon as I get your contact details with your next steps.

The Power Bar Club – no cost to you ever -
Teamwork Revolution – free in pre-launch – your choice to pay later, but likely to cost you the equivalent of a pizza – not a big ask is it. -