Thursday, 22 April 2010

Squidoo progress and why not

I've been pretty busy during the last couple of months creating lots of new Squidoo lenses. It's been hard work and to be honest the income so far has been disappointing. Only one of my lenses has really taken off, and I am becoming a bit disillusioned with some of the ways that Squidoo works.

For example, the Top 100 and the lenses on the front page. The Squidoo home page is supposed to reflect the Top 5 in each category. Most of the time it doesn't. I've posted in the forums about this and had no satisfactory answers from those who are in a position to do something about it.

If the lenses that WERE displayed were representative of the high quality work you can find on Squidoo, I wouldn't mind. Problem is a lot of them are spammy and junk, and contain very little original thought or work at all, and even more of a problem, some are by Squids who have been around a long time and seem to think they can break all the rules of what is and is not acceptable content.

For instance, there have been a steady stream of lenses in Sport and Recreation that highlight sites where you can stream sports events. Some of the sites linked to require you to complete 'offers' before you get the video content, not free offers either. What they are after is affiliate income.

Now look at the Squidoo landing page and compare the supposed top 5 lenses. No correlation. In fact the lens listed as No. 1 on the home page is way down in Sports and Recreation top 100 and hasn't been No. 1 for over two months.

I have a theory about choosing lens subjects which I will be experimenting with in the coming months.  Yes, it is fantastic that you can write about whatever you like on Squidoo, but if your choice doesn't line up with flavour of the month on Google, you might be better spending your time elsewhere.

On the plus side, I am getting lots of visits for some recent lenses and there is one lens that is constantly top of my lensranking list, even if within Squidoo it hasn't made the category top 100.

These are the ones doing well:
Save endangered animals fro extinction  (also top Amazon earner)
Why I love 'Top Gear' - the top BBC TV motoring show
These are the latest ones:
My food and cooking lensography - collecting all my food and recipe lenses together
Should marriage be rewarded with tax breaks? - a topic for the UK Election campaign
Quick tiramisu for cheats - Because you just love desserts
A Biog of 'Chocolat' author Joanne Harris -find out about all her books and buy on Amazon
Now, just a note about my other online activities.
I'm not allowed to mention this on Squidoo but it is a very easy business for anyone in the UK (or other countries where its allowed) - VWD

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