Thursday, 25 September 2008

Even more ways....

My new friends on Wozone and Blogcatalog are doing great things for my site stats - thanks guys and for the chats on Skype too.

Another great little promoter came my way via a visit to a LinkReferral site.

Entrecard lets you put a 'business card' on your blog. When other Entrecarders visit, they can 'drop' their card and you can reciprocate or simply go looking for interesting blogs to read.

These services are much more personal than the usual traffic exchange and I'm thinking that they are going to be more effective in the end. You feel more of a relationship with the person whose blog or site you are looking at and/or reviewing and tend to read it more than you would if you were just going for straight hits.

In the end, if you are recommending genuine products and services you WILL win customers because people will trust you just that little bit more and will remember you. I try to use the same pic of me across all my sites. It may be a couple of years old, but it is clean and colourful and I'm smiling!

That's all for today - just a very brief post because I want to get some new things on ebay and I'm out later on. Want to know what I sell? Go to my ebay shop!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

You need a website anyway - try GDI

Every business needs a website, and it amazes me that some people just don't do their homework on what features they need before signing up for domains and hosting deals.

I joined GDI principally for the business opportunity, but their domain purchase and hosting rates are not unreasonable even if you weren't promoting it.

It's true that GDI doesn't offer all the technical features of many hosting companies, but to be honest a basic and simple site won't need them.

When I first joined, it was through TeamGDIPro. This was a good concept, but it's founder Patric Berkan just seemed to run out of steam and lose interest. So now I am promoting GDI directly and via two sites that combine GDI referral with a bunch of traffic exchanges. This is experimental and I am looking at and considering alternatives.

The 'combination' sites will also work very well for you if you are already in GDI - I don't have a problem with this, though they try to tell you to sign up again, just put in your existing GDI ID, no problems. Read on down for the URL's

Far too many GDI'ers just waste their domain name and space by just 'parking' it or re-directing to an affiliate site, either for GDI itself or some other opportunity.

The best network marketing advice I was given and will pass to you is that YOU are the brand, so use your hosting space to build a site that will create that personal brand. It can be built around advice, as mine is, or built around a specific opportunity.

Let's say you are promoting a health and wellness product. Not something in my portfolio, but there is plenty around to choose from. Why not create a 'personal trainer' site describing your particular training and health routines and diet and build in the recommendation to your product.

Or your business may be based on selling a niche product on ebay, so provide information about that niche, whatever it happens to be and link to your listings or ebay shop (or even someone else's listings, but more of that in a future blog).

Of course not everyone has the skills, time and inclination even to use the GDI sitebuilder software let alone create their own site from scratch. So ask me! Tell me your ideas and let me quote. If you are going to be on my GDI team anyway, you will get a VERY competitive price. If, by chance your requirements go beyond the hosting capabilities of the GDI servers, I have other solutions to offer.

Direct link to GDI
Via the3Cashmachine
Via GDI Income Team

Linkreferral and other free traffic sources

Linkreferral is bringing me so many new visitors at present, I am seriously considering the value of the time I spend on other traffic exchanges. I will be budgeting my time according to usefulness in the future!

In the course of viewing other people's sites I hit on two very useful new resources, and from one of those came a third. (Things seemed to go in threes yesterday, very spooky).

The WOZone is a social network for website owners - that is UNIQUE websites, something that represents you and what you make and do. Now, if I was to do a comparison, I think I would find most of the people on Wozone also promote via Linkreferrals. See my point? WOzone will boost your Linkreferral stats even higher and help keep your site up in the LR ratings.

Now - look right. What do you see. No, not the Google ads, but you'll help my Adsense earnings if you do click - thanks. Below that, you'll find a little widget from BlogCatalog that I've just installed. When I'm through with this post, I'll be popping off to the catalog and earning myself some visits back here from my fellow bloggers.

The links you'll need.
The Blogcatalog -
The WOZone -
LinkReferrals -

A personal interlude about literature, food and friends

One social network is a great place to promote another. I recently joined 6 Degrees of Separation (6dgr). They are claiming to give you a very generous $4 per referral, but there is a slight hitch. They don't have a payment gateway for anyone outside the USA and I'm getting a lot of comments that people won't join unless they can see a way to get paid - in short, they think it could be a scam.

I see their point, but this is what I'm telling them. Go and join anyway. There's a forum inside where you can add your voice to the clamour for an international payment gateway that doesn't require us to mess around sendiing documents in the mail. They are being rather snotty about Paypal and Alertpay and the like. If Paypal is good enough for millions of ebayers worldwide, it should be good enough for them.

6dgr is definitely for grownups. I use Facebook and Yuwie, but I'm also aware that they are aimed at the 'younger end of the market'. Get in there and invite your friends.

I actually drafted this post yesterday. It was a spooky kind of day even for superstitious old me. Within the space of an hour and a half I ran into 3 friends I'd not seen in a good while, even though we live very close. After the second, I was quite certain there would be a third and sure enough there was!

Havant is a small UK South Coast town shopping centre, although it draws from quite a wide area. In recent months several coffee shops and cafes have opened, to the point I would have thought that there was just too much competition.

For just a coffee and a quiet atmosphere, my choice is Caffe Nero. This coffee-shop chain IMO beats Costa, Starbucks and the rest of them for the quality of its food and coffee - perhaps it's the excellent training they give their staff, in working the espresso machines and for customer service.

This morning, I met a friend for a traditional English breakfast at Ninos which is a new cafe in North Street, Havant, next door to the Six Bells pub. It was generous, well cooked and tasty. They do takeaway sandwiches as well and I highly recommend it. It is clean and attractively decorated and the staff are welcoming and helpful.

One of the friends I met is Lucy Flannery who is the director of the Havant Literary Festival which happens this weekend (25th-28th September 2008). The area is associated with a number of internationally known authors and writers past and present, including PG Wodehouse, Nevil Shute and modern crime writer Pauline Rowson. All of them will feature in the festival events together with many more in different venues around the town.

Links -
Havant Literary Festival -
Pauline Rowson -
6DGR -
Caffe Nero -

Monday, 22 September 2008

Indian Summer profits

We were all thinking that the summer had passed us by here in the UK. Endless days of pouring rain and high winds and no chance to do anything outside.

So I turned my attentions back to online profits and came up with a number of valuable tips and insights I'd like to share with you.

I completed the rewrite of my 'personal branding' website and set about letting everyone I knew about it. As I mention on the Resources page on the site, the only leads service I currently used is Triple Your List. The free version only gives me a few new names per week, but they seem to be responsive and keen on snapping up any new opportunity I offer.

I noticed when I was reading traffic exchange emails that some people were adding their email addresses and sometimes Skype contact details too. I'm very polite when I contact them, I say I've visited their website that they were advertising in the mail and could I have some additional information please. Of course I include an invitation to visit my website too! At the end of the email is an optout if they don't want any more email from me. Mostly people don't bother to opt out, so they stay on my regular mailing list.

I mail my Triple Your Listers and 'harvested' addresses once a week. A new Triple Your Lister will get a welcome mail as well - with all my business websites and this blog listed.

I also re-discovered the huge value of Linkreferrals - kind of by accident. GDI's own sitebuilder has a built in stats feature. However, GDI decided that they would replace their sitebuilder with a very inferior product that also trashed any existing pages, which was what led me to re-develop the site. BUT their hosting service does not have the stats feature enabled so I had to add my own hit counters.

About the same time, I had a notification from Linkreferrals that someone had found and reviewed my site, even though it had slipped down the ratings a lot. Of course I had to go and review theirs too and I thought that a little work might get me some visitors. Was I right! An amazing increase in hits on every page of the site over the weekend.

Now just a hint here. While doing the standard 30 site visits a day will hike you up the ratings, and put your site nearer the top of its category list, you need to do a little more work. If you find a site you really like (or really hate!) review it! And if it's going to be something you'll want to revisit - like the one with the yummy chocolate recipes I found - add it to your favourites list. If someone reviews you, review them as soon as you can. If you aren't strong on grammar and spelling, write your review in Word first and cut'n'paste into Linkreferrals. You will get extra credit for well written reviews.

Just before I close up this post, I should mention this. In my email was an offer to download a free report with a moneymaking potential just for giving it away. I was very sceptical, who wouldn't be, but that little report has not only done what it promised, the method it used has set me off on a whole new project.

More to come very soon on my other profitable discoveries - keep watching me!

PS - The weather has taken one of its typical UK Indian Summer turn-arounds with several sunny days with light winds, although the nights have been chilly. I've been able to garden and go sailing and my grapes and tomatoes are ripening nicely.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Go visit please

It has taken a while, but th e new site is now thoroughly launched and is getting a good flow of visitors.

Haven't played with Google adsense before - apart from on here, but am about to experiment with it on the new site.

I have stepped up my ebay selling again. Bought some nice goodies at the last Emsworth auction - Poole, Wedgwood amongst others and they are already on my ebay shop at

Something altogether spooky happened yesterday and it is far from the first time.

In 2003, my lovely Mum passed away. Each year, on or about my birthday or hers I have either had a little win on the lottery or on premium bonds. This time it was the bonds - two cheques for £50 each. Thanks Mum - you might have known that I have some bills to pay, but will also make a little donation.