Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Linkreferral and other free traffic sources

Linkreferral is bringing me so many new visitors at present, I am seriously considering the value of the time I spend on other traffic exchanges. I will be budgeting my time according to usefulness in the future!

In the course of viewing other people's sites I hit on two very useful new resources, and from one of those came a third. (Things seemed to go in threes yesterday, very spooky).

The WOZone is a social network for website owners - that is UNIQUE websites, something that represents you and what you make and do. Now, if I was to do a comparison, I think I would find most of the people on Wozone also promote via Linkreferrals. See my point? WOzone will boost your Linkreferral stats even higher and help keep your site up in the LR ratings.

Now - look right. What do you see. No, not the Google ads, but you'll help my Adsense earnings if you do click - thanks. Below that, you'll find a little widget from BlogCatalog that I've just installed. When I'm through with this post, I'll be popping off to the catalog and earning myself some visits back here from my fellow bloggers.

The links you'll need.
The Blogcatalog -
The WOZone -
LinkReferrals -

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