Wednesday, 24 September 2008

You need a website anyway - try GDI

Every business needs a website, and it amazes me that some people just don't do their homework on what features they need before signing up for domains and hosting deals.

I joined GDI principally for the business opportunity, but their domain purchase and hosting rates are not unreasonable even if you weren't promoting it.

It's true that GDI doesn't offer all the technical features of many hosting companies, but to be honest a basic and simple site won't need them.

When I first joined, it was through TeamGDIPro. This was a good concept, but it's founder Patric Berkan just seemed to run out of steam and lose interest. So now I am promoting GDI directly and via two sites that combine GDI referral with a bunch of traffic exchanges. This is experimental and I am looking at and considering alternatives.

The 'combination' sites will also work very well for you if you are already in GDI - I don't have a problem with this, though they try to tell you to sign up again, just put in your existing GDI ID, no problems. Read on down for the URL's

Far too many GDI'ers just waste their domain name and space by just 'parking' it or re-directing to an affiliate site, either for GDI itself or some other opportunity.

The best network marketing advice I was given and will pass to you is that YOU are the brand, so use your hosting space to build a site that will create that personal brand. It can be built around advice, as mine is, or built around a specific opportunity.

Let's say you are promoting a health and wellness product. Not something in my portfolio, but there is plenty around to choose from. Why not create a 'personal trainer' site describing your particular training and health routines and diet and build in the recommendation to your product.

Or your business may be based on selling a niche product on ebay, so provide information about that niche, whatever it happens to be and link to your listings or ebay shop (or even someone else's listings, but more of that in a future blog).

Of course not everyone has the skills, time and inclination even to use the GDI sitebuilder software let alone create their own site from scratch. So ask me! Tell me your ideas and let me quote. If you are going to be on my GDI team anyway, you will get a VERY competitive price. If, by chance your requirements go beyond the hosting capabilities of the GDI servers, I have other solutions to offer.

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