Monday, 11 August 2008

No Pie in the Sky from me

I haven't been very busy looking after my various online businesses this last week. I haven't even been online as many hours each day.

I really needed a break to re-focus on what I am doing and what I want to achieve for myself and the people I hope to bring into my businesses.

Every year my sailing club hosts a training week for our junior members. We aim to get even the least experienced on the water and confident to take the helm and we achieved that aim. After 5 days of 2-3 hour sessions on the water and some onshore training, some who had never been on their own in a sailing boat before, had progressed from the beginners to the improvers group and were eager to race their companions.

The smiling faces at the end of each day were my reward. All I did was to drive one of the club boats, lay a few race marks and do a little on shore teaching about basic racing rules and the flags and sound signals used to start races.

Now it is late Sunday night and I feel refreshed and I am looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow with some new ideas and plans.

This is the message I want to get across to anyone reading this blog. If you come to me via my websites and ask what opportunities you might join to make some money online what you will not get is 'pie in the sky'.

I've been there, made mistakes and learned lessons. My 'portfolio' of online businesses is based on products and services that people really want and use. For instance, everyone sends greeting cards for birthdays, holidays and occasions such as Christmas, anniversaries or simply to keep in touch with friends, work colleagues and even customers of their businesses.

Secondly, almost everyone starting any business, online or offline will want a website with a domain name and hosting. So why not acquire those things in a way that will also make you money?

And then there is travel. Despite increasing costs and environmental pressures, millions of people still want to see other parts of the world or need to travel for business purposes. My third business is based on a new travel company that is currently still in 'partial launch'.

Around those primary businesses float a selection of advertising and promotional tools, some of which are also moneymakers in themselves.

Just occasionally I might take a punt on something that I think might give me some short term gains - I'm on to one at the moment, but I'm only testing the water for at least the next month before it gets added to my personal website. If it doesn't come up to the mark, then I will cancel my subscription and forget all about it.

Another task for the coming week is some work on my personal website. I originally built it using the sitebuilder that GDI supply. Unfortunately they have replaced it with a vastly inferior product. Fortunately I have the skills to rebuild it myself and have had one or two design ideas buzzing around my head all week.

Meanwhile you can be looking at the 'old' personal website as there is a considerable amount of information on there which you can use and think about. Feel free to contact me and ask me anything you like about the opportunities.

Don't bother spamming me. I have excellent spam filters on all my email accounts and it won't even be seen, let alone read.

So, to return to 'pie in the sky' - it isn't on the menu here. Have a safe start to your new week and I'll post more news and info in a day or two.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Intro stuff - sharks and scams

My name is Jenny Fletcher, I am 57 years old and an ex IT professional.

Why ex? Because the IT industry chucks you on the scrapheap if you are over 50 and not a senior manager, plus the UK Department of Work and Pensions are so inflexible they can't give you focussed and personal re-training to get you back into a technical IT post, however low paid and junior.

So I decided to go it alone in the dangerous and shark infested waters of network marketing.

At first I made all the mistakes that everyone makes, but now, it is beginning to make sense and come good.

So, I would like to pass my experiences on to those who are wondering if there is anything out there except sharks and scams and maybe help others avoid some of the traps that I fell into.