Sunday, 3 August 2008

Intro stuff - sharks and scams

My name is Jenny Fletcher, I am 57 years old and an ex IT professional.

Why ex? Because the IT industry chucks you on the scrapheap if you are over 50 and not a senior manager, plus the UK Department of Work and Pensions are so inflexible they can't give you focussed and personal re-training to get you back into a technical IT post, however low paid and junior.

So I decided to go it alone in the dangerous and shark infested waters of network marketing.

At first I made all the mistakes that everyone makes, but now, it is beginning to make sense and come good.

So, I would like to pass my experiences on to those who are wondering if there is anything out there except sharks and scams and maybe help others avoid some of the traps that I fell into.

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