Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Cash when you share videos with your friends

One of my friends has a long mailing list of other friends who like jokes. Some of them are pretty smutty and sexist, but occasionally he sends out something really funny. 

I also send him jokes to pass on. A few days ago, I sent him a video link. The link was for a Heineken ad, that was apparently banned, probably for being sexist but it did make me smile. Clearly my friend's friends are also passing it on, because my tracking shows that the link is still being watched many times each day.

The great thing is that every one of those views and shares is making me money. I created the link on a site called UvioO which pays me to share video links. I post on Facebook, in Twitter and on other social networks and of course I email links to friends. 

 You can make more money on UvioO by paying for checkpoints and map positions, but I'm unsure about this at the moment. I am doing some research and looking for someone who has actually been paid. The idea is that you gain more than you pay out for checkpoints and maps. 

 UvioO accepts cards and Payza inwards and checks, Payza and SolidTrustPay to pay you. I'm not sure why they won't accept STP inwards, and I may wait till this happens, or Payza finally starts accepting business from the UK again which isn't looking like it is going to be any time soon. 

 There is a Pro option which gives you additional money for your activities. I'm not looking at this one as a possible major source of online income, just a small trickle and I'll see where it goes. 

  Here is the link to take a look how it all works.

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