Thursday, 27 May 2010

More little ways to free cash

Apart from Geostring which is ticking along nicely, I have found a couple of other good moneymakers this week.

Of course I have been Tweeting about them a lot and I have learned a very neat trick to get my tweets noticed. What you do is to look at the 'trending topics' list in your Twitter sidebar. See if there are any topics that you could use in a tweet that would connect in anyway with your marketing message.

For instance, I found a hashtag #Yougottaloveitwhen. I used this in a tweet about Sendoutcards and hey presto, just minutes later, someone visited my SOC website and signed up for a free gift account - if they like the service - which of course they will, they can simply buy more points and postage on the site to convert the gift account to a retail account, or that could be the start of a new distributor on my team - see the power of watching hashtags?

While surfing on SWOM, I came across another neat little money earner. I already write articles for Squidoo and earn a few $ a month that way, now I can also earn by READING articles on Readbud. The idea is that you read and rate. For advertisers, seems like you can't put links in articles you write for Readbud, their revenue comes from the ads around your article, so they don't want people diverted off elsewhere. I've asked their support a question what advantage there is for article writers and will be interested to see what they say. Pay is via Paypal and you have to earn $50 to get paid out. You also make $5 from referrals, but not till THEY get paid out too. At the rate I'm getting articles to read, I should hit the payout level in about a month for very little effort. Will report back on how quickly I get my dosh.

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