Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Trollz - don't ya hate them?

Following a number of accusatory and libellous attempted comments on this blog, I have regretfully decided to restrict comments on this blog to Google account holders and of course they will still be moderated before they appear.
Why anyone would think that they could get away with posting such trash I cannot think. I have my suspicions who they are. One of the TE's I use regularly is Sweeva which has a chat system that is tied in with whoever's site is on display. I know I am less than popular with certain Sweeva users because I don't wuss around if I can see something is clearly a scam or I have a fair and objective criticism of site content or graphics. That is the whole point of the site.

However, some trolls over there are too fond of using the block user facility to prevent legitimate comment on the rubbish and offensive material they choose to display. They are top of the list of suspected spammers here, but we'll see. They won't bother to comment if they know their identity will be revealed.

Bullies are cowards at heart - always and inevitably.  You know who you are.

Success of the week is Leadskimmer.  The ads I have run for this have produced at least one sign up per day this week, sometimes more. For newcomers to network marketing, it is undoubtedly a useful tool to build a list. Everything else ticking over nicely. 

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