Sunday, 5 August 2012

A week of list building

This week has been 100% about building my list for everything I promote and stepping up my advertising a notch to bring new people into my 'warm market'.

I have also learned a few new things about list building and picked up some useful tools to help me in my quest for more potential customers. Did you know there are some fatal mistakes you can make in the process of building your list? I learned something here and would like to pass it on to you all. Here is the link to a free e-book which will explain some of the potential traps which marketers can fall into when building a list.  Better still you get PAID to give this e-book away!

The other useful tool I picked up on recommendation from my Zeek sponsor is called Leadskimmer which I will be testing over the next week and seeing what difference I can make with it.

Currently Leadskimmer is supposed to work best if you have MMPro, Aweber or GetResponse autoresponders. I have GVO because it links up with another offer I am running and I rather resent being forced into having to sign up with another one. Leadskimmer is very vague about what happens to any leads you generate if you don't have one of their favoured autoresponders. There is reference to them going into a csv format list which is fine, but it isn't clear about where I find them in my back office.

I'm going to run some LS ads in Traffic Exchanges and other places in the next week, and see where the names turn up. You have to generate at least 4 leads anyway before you see any results at all because the first 3 are passed up to your sponsor. 

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