Saturday, 18 October 2008

6 Degrees of Separation welcomes non-US members - at last

I joined the social network 6 Degrees of Separation quite a while ago now, but haven't been promoting it because till recently they had no way of paying non-US members.

I can tell you it made us feel very second class and not wanted.

Now, although it still doesn't work for everyone everywhere, they have decided to implement Paypal while they find a 'long term solution'.

But wait - is all perfect yet? Well actually no! What they have said that is we won't get any referral money for any non-US members for the time being. They don't seem to have any good reason for this, and have deleted a number of forum posts where members have tried to get answers which isn't very good policy.

Plus, they are proposing to charge some additional fees on every referral payment which appear to be over and above the fees Paypal charge the paying organisation per payment and are not charged to US members,

I'm going to continue to promote for the time being, but there are some tough questions that have to be answered by admin before I am really sure that it is worthwhile. If you are a US resident, entitled to open a bank account there, please sign up with 6DGR here

I can get a referral fee for you and you will get one for every other US resident you recruit.

If you live ANYWHERE else in the world, you can choose to sign up now and hope that you'll eventually get paid for the people you refer who are not in the USA.

I like the site, and I'm meeting some good people there, but the admin need to be a little more open and transparent about why they are discriminating like this.

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