Saturday, 11 October 2008

Problems with entrecard today etc.

Entrecard's server is very sick. Been trying to drop on all my regulars since last night, but now won't even login.

So I guess I am going to have to concentrate on other things till it comes back.

Having signed up for a second Linkreferral account for the blog, I was pleased to get some reviews very quickly.

As I go through blogs and sites each day, a very large number have Adsense as I do, but I'm wondering if people really make the huge sums they claim from it. I don't say I click on ads on EVERY site I visit, but I do a significant percentage on the sites I visit each day and I don't seem to be getting the same treatment. :-(

What I'm wondering is if Adsense recognises the tags in each blog post as it does keywords in a web page as well as the text itself when it is selecting ads to display. The ones I see on my site and on my blog seem rather limited and boring. I'll have to do some more research and make some changes to get some more varied subjects in the ads.

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Jenn said...

I agree with you about Adsense, it's not as easy as it seems. You have got an interesting blog.
Cheers and good luck