Tuesday, 7 October 2008


It's a day for learning - I didn't realise that I could have more than one Adsense box on my blog - the rules let you have up to 3 on a page.

This actually came from a tip on Adsense itself. Check your monthly reports and you'll find that you get some tips to improve your visibility and clicks and therefore your income too.

My two tips were the multiple ads and also to add Adsense for search. My account covers my website
http://www.mygreetings2u.ws/ as well, and a search box at least ONE of the pages on that site could work well.

I'll get around to that later in the day. It's lunchtime, I desperately need a caffeine hit and I have an ebay item to get in the post. Plus a whole load of new stuff to create listings for. Pity I can't have Adsense on my ebay shop!

Langstone Collectables

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