Sunday, 2 November 2008

Adsense mistakes and warnings

Like any blogger or website owner who uses Adsense, I'm always looking for ways to improve my click-throughs and income.

There is so much info out there about how best to optimize your blog or website for Adsense I am getting thoroughly confused.

For instance, should you put lots of labels for every post you make?

I have, however, found a couple of blogs and sites that are genuinely helpful which I'd like to share.

They are: (search for adsense articles)

One absolutely dire warning - I received an email from someone recommending an 'Adsense exchange group' - like the traffic exchanges but with the idea that you visited other people's blogs and clicked on the google ads and they did it for you - no suggestion that you were visiting for any other reason. Google does know about this and they WILL detect unusual patterns of clicking on Adsense links and sudden increases. Don't have anything to do with this kind of pimping for click-throughs.

Now for my daft mistake. When I signed up for Adsense, then added other sites later, I forgot to add them to my list of 'authorized sites' to carry ads with my publisher ID. I don't know how much revenue I've lost like this.

I have corrected it now, but also noted that in the 'unauthorized sites' list, appeared - this is your blogspot dashboard area. I don't know WHY this happens, except it is where you create your Adsense gadget units.

Hopefully I will now see a rise in my Adsense earnings when my account picks up the updates.


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