Thursday, 6 November 2008

Thanks to Phydeaux for my Label Cloud

Every blog needs labels so that visitors can find info about things they are interested in.

The standard blogger way of doing things is clumsy and unattractive and also results in a very long page if you blog about a lot of different things.

As I wandered around the blogosphere I saw some better implementation methods and decided to take a look at how it was done.

I found Phydeaux gave very clear instructions. Although it may look a little daunting for the non-techie, it is really very easy, and I had it all done within 10 minutes with no errors.

To make it easy to find the bits of code I needed to work on in the template, I cut and pasted the whole thing (without widgets expanded) into notepad. DO NOT try and open notepad and then open the XML file you saved and work on it.

DO NOT work on the notepad version and then cut and paste back to Blogger - JUST use your notepad window as a reference to find the right lines to add to or change.

WIth those small warnings, you should find it a breeze. Tweaking to get the colours harmonized with your blog palette and font is similarly easy, once you have the basics in place.

The instructions are not on Phydeaux's main blog - visit that here.

What would be useful would be to know if the positioning of your label cloud has any implications for Adsense. Perhaps someone can enlighten me.


eric/BlogDeManila said...

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Daniel [Diesel] Mitchell said...

I too have been looking for a good tag cloud, and ended up trumping for the Tag Cloud gadget from Wowzio, which I don't really like.

Your Entrecard drop brought me here, and I'm glad it did, after following your recommendation I now have a nice 'proper' label cloud that fits in nicely with my dieseltekk blog.
Next I'll be adding it to my our5kids blog too.

Once again, Thank you. You have a very interesting blog, of which I am now a follower, so I will be back often for some more helpful tips.