Monday, 17 November 2008

So you don't believe CHOCOLATE CAN BE HEALTHY?

Prepare to change your ideas! What I am about to tell you about can give you more antioxidant weight for weight than any other healthy food you can name - even the so called super foods and drinks you may have heard of!

Yesterday afternoon I went to a presentation for this business which is opening in the UK in January and I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY.

It sits beautifully with my other businesses and I know that I can make this one work for me and my team and I would just LOVE you to join me on that team.

The details can be found at but before you flip over there, please read on.

We currently have an absolutely unique opportunity to take a position completely free and find out about the product and the business. What I have seen about the product, company, the training, the compensation is fantastic.

If you later decide it isn’t for you, no problem, but if you DO, you will be in the top ‘layer’ of my team and well positioned within the whole of the UK to start recruiting. My sponsor is just TWO levels away from the top of the whole UK organisation.

If you would like to be involved, you need to contact me IMMEDIATELY via the email on my profile.

Signing up is a special procedure at present because they are still getting the UK legalities tied up. To be in my team, you need to go through that route.

As soon as you have your ID and understand the temporary conditions in place, you can start to get YOUR team in place for the UK launch and that can include US, Canadian, Japanese, Australian and New Zealand folks. US and Canada are fully launched, the others are also set to come on-stream shortly.

Remember, all you are doing at present is registering an interest. There is absolutely no obligation and no cost.

If you would like to contact me to ask for more information, please do so via

You can also see my brand new blog for this venture at

I have copied this post across so you can get all the details there too!

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