Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Are you a Xombie yet?

Most of you who read this will already be bloggers and may already write articles as well.

If you are not yet publishing your articles on Xomba, have you been asleep? This is one site you really need to be involved with, especially if Adsense is one of your income streams. The articles and useful/interesting links (Xombytes and Xomblurbs) that you publish will earn you a 50/50 split of the income from the Adsense ads that surround the item when it is viewed.

Last night the site admin ran an online workshop/chat session in which some of the plans for a forthcoming major upgrade were set out. You can read the transcript of the session here.

Maybe you have looked at Xomba before and didn't like the layout or appearance? It seems that they have taken this on board and are set for big changes, incorporating many of the suggestions they have had from regular users.

For current Xombies, I have a tip. As I surfed through my Entrecard drops, I was often finding something of note worth writing about or posting a link, I'd make a note then lose it or just forget to post something good.

So, I started making a habit of opening up a Xomba tab before I got into Entrecarding so I could just jump across and do a post, or draft a brief Xombyte for later completion. I've done substantially more in the last day or two which ultimately means more money.

In last night's session everyone wanted to know how to generate the most income. Read the transcript carefully because it will help you in this respect.

Then when you've done that, go take a look at the 'Users by points' list and from there, to list the articles written by those who have generated the most points. Work out what keywords their items are based on - that should give you some help.

Here is where you can sign up to Xomba. Check me out (jennysue19) and make me a Xomba buddy.

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