Monday, 10 November 2008

Monday morning quickie - don’t just advertise, ADGITIZE !!

This month a new player has given you a new way to monetize your blog.

ADGITIZE not only pays you for advertising, but also encourages you to post new material and rewards you for page views as well as ad clicks.

What you are paid depends on the success of the whole enterprise and your own efforts – your points are changed into cash on an exchange rate mechanism clearly explained on the site.

You can be an advertiser, a publisher, or simply an affiliate – you will also gain points for referring new members.

Look on my blog sidebar - you'll see that the ad format is a simple 125 x 125 pixel image and you can choose to publish single or multiple units.

Great idea, get in now and watch your points grow as you bring in all the bloggers in YOUR personal network.

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the green ninja said...

Great post! I found a lot of useful sites here!