Thursday, 2 July 2009

Time for Twittertime

Apps for Twitter emerge almost daily, but I found one today that really floats my boat.

Twittertime, written by Howard Mark Mandel gives you the possibility to set up any number of tweets to fire off when you want them in the future. So, say you are on holiday and want to keep on tweeting without having to text them in or spend time promoting your business when you want to be relaxing by the pool and sightseeing.

You can set up tweets before you go, no limits about how far in the future! You could be on the 'other side' but if your Twitter account didn't get cancelled, and tweets are scheduled, they'll happen - spooky!

The app is still in beta, and Howard is keen for people to use it and email him about any bugs. The only one I have found so far is that the membership confirmation URL didn't work, but I could schedule tweets anyway.

Thanks Howard, well done.

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Howard said...

How cool are you! Thanks for the kind review of the site. just sort of "happened" after an acquaintance did a beta and we got the URLs. It was full of security holes but we re-coded the entire app and everything just fell together.... still finding a coulpa bugs here and there.... just added like 1000 time zones to cover international timed tweeting.... stuff like that. - Howie at