Saturday, 4 July 2009

Discounts, coupons and an income

So many things hit my inbox every week, I don't have the time to read most of them, and to be honest I can't recall why the email introducing me to MyWorldPlus made such an impression.

I've flirted with opportunities before that have a powerline and promise you that your upline's recruiting efforts will make money for you, but the results have been disappointing and I've left, having made very little.

Within a few hours of joining MWP absolutely free as a pre-enrollee, a constant stream of notifications arrived that promised me that I had money coming if I would only upgrade. I looked at the payplan and did the maths. It certainly looked like I was on to a winner, so decided to give it a try.

The payplan actually consists of a number of different income streams. Let's say you upgrade (and you must go for Member/Associate or you get no income). Then you don't do anything, just wait for your upline to carry on recruiting people into your line. There is a cut-off every Thursday at midnight Pacific Time. If at that point you HAVE upgraded, you will jump above anyone in your powerline who has not done so. They will carry on getting emails from MWP for everyone who joined the powerline after them who upgrades.

So the persuasion to join is very good, and it isn't just YOUR direct upline whose efforts you benefit from. The 74 people who I am earning on (as I write) who are not my personal enrollees were originally recruited by a whole load of different people. The percentage you get for each of those people every month, depends on your rank, and that depends on how many personal enrollees you have.

Another very attractive income stream is the retail bonus. You get a one off $25 for every person you bring in who pays the first month's $19.95 subscription and the one-off entry fee, so it only takes 3 people to come into your personal line, to be in profit. At that point your rank increases and you get a higher residual every month.

There are other bonuses too, which increase your income monthly and weekly. Retail bonuses are paid down several levels and they get paid weekly which is really good for putting you in profit fast. Other income is paid monthly. All income is paid by check in the US or GlobalXchange outside, and there is a low-cost ATM card so you don't have to worry about bank transfers.

That's the income side, but I didn't even mention the discount card yet. The main product you are paying for is a discount club. Now I have to be brutally honest. Inside the USA, the discounts you can get are wide and varied. In the UK, they are very limited, and if you don't play golf or stay in USA-based hotel chains, there really isn't much for you at the moment which is disappointing. Again, only inside the USA, you can also get money off coupons for the sorts of things families buy every week. Hopefully the range of benefits outside the USA will increase. The card is claimed to be worldwide, so look on the relevant page at what is available where you are.

However, if you look as the discount as a kind of icing on the cake, then any savings you make will be a nice extra, rather than the whole reason for joining. I can see in the USA, you could very easily make $20 worth of savings a week just on the sort of shopping and casual eating out you do now, which would cover your monthly sub more than 4 times.

I'm really impressed with the speed that you can earn money in this opportunity and the fact that you can sign up as a pre-enrollee and upgrade when you know you will be earning, and on that basis I would thoroughly recommend it. - visit my MWP page, sign as a pre-enrollee and take a tour

And if you are looking for leads for your new MWP business, look below at the Orangeleads post - have a great Independence Day weekend!

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