Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Always on the lookout

Today I am celebrating some great blogs and bloggers I have found links to on Twitter.

This isn't because I am too idle to write something myself, but because unless you follow these particular people on Twitter or subscribe to their blogs, you might otherwise miss them and they really are important topics.

The first blog is dedicated to giving its readers good tips about using Twitter to the best effect in their marketing. The blog is edited by Darren Rowse, but includes guest writers. The post that caught my eye is by Crystal N Woods who demonstrates how Twitter helps to identify and reward good bloggers and those who have particular skills in specific areas of internet marketing. See
here. This is the second in a series and you'll find the links to the other one at the end, along with some excellent basic tips for Twitter beginners that you should also read and absorb.

The next blog I want to mention covers an area that I've never got into - video marketing. Most opportunity websites you visit these days has one or more videos, so at some stage I may have to.

This post is a useful and intriguing reference to how to use a bit of psychology to do it and make your production stand out from the crowd. This will make you think a bit - how could you promote your business or product without actually MENTIONING it? Find out
here. Kudos goes to Andy J Hunt - link is to his Twitter page.

The last is a site rather than a blog. Most of us will now be members of a whole variety of social networks - OpenNetworker is a useful way of tying all your networks together and 'cross fertilising' so that your friends discover new networks when you do.

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