Sunday, 28 June 2009

Shortening URL's with benefits

For some time now I have been getting free leads for all my businesses through my membership of OrangeLeads

Just recently they added a new feature to their site which is proving really useful.

You are sure to have used or at least seen URL's shortened with and on Twitter, I was really pleased with to begin with because it gave me click stats, however what it DIDN'T do was to let me correct or change a target URL if I mistyped or simply wanted to change it.

Tinyurl is now also being rejected by firewalls and security systems such that you may not be able to use it at all.

Let's say for instance you've worked really hard on Craigslist, OLX or similar to put out a load of ads and you've used the same shortened URL, then you find that it is going to a 404 page because you typed the destination wrong.

With OrangeLeads new URL shortening service you get click stats AND the opportunity to correct mistakes, so all your work won't be wasted.

OrangeLeads is a free service (premium option available) so join today and get several useful services along with your URL shortening.

I mentioned OLX before, this is a worldwide advertising service that you may find very useful - this is the UK site, but you can choose where to post your ad.

I also came across this great report on using Twitter effectively for promoting your business. - and another one free

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Benjamin Cip said...

I'm always looking for new online business venture. I don't come from Uk but a very close country from England, and would like to know if only people from UK can apply the site you mentioned.