Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Send your Dad a real card from your PC

Father's Day is less than a week away, but you still have time to send your lovely Dad a card.

Sre you can send him an e-card or a text on his phone, but there is nothing so nice as to get a REAL card in the post on your special day.

Whatever the occasion, SendoutCards has something for you - over 10,000 different cards in their catalogue in fact.

You can choose how you use the service - a light user can choose an annual account at $25 and just buy card points and postage expenses as needed. It will cost you just under $2 US to send a card anywhere in the world (excluding your annual charge) and you do it all right from your PC.

For folks with lots of friends and relations, there is an upgraded retail account that puts 20 card points in your account each month and you can still top up. This works great for businesses too, why not thank your customers for their loyalty or tell them about new products and services.

Add-ons include a facsimile signature and the ability to upload your own images - so businesses can use any company brand images and logos.

Why not try it all absolutely free with a gift account - just go to
http://www.mygreetings2u.co.uk and you'll reach my SendoutCards page. To find out more about becoming a distributor go to http://www.mygreetings2u.com and get the details from SEO Kody Bateman.

And if you want to be a distributor, Sendoutcards will really look after you, train you and keep you up to date - definitely the most caring and personal online business I have encountered to date - you'll feel like family, especially with me as your sponsor!

SendoutCards motto is 'Changing the world, one card at a time' - now isn't that nice!

Have a great day.

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