Sunday, 21 December 2008

Grab a spot,advertise your blog and plant a tree

Hmm. Don't know if I've been suckered here, but its a nice idea anyway.

I have bought a spot on a site called The idea is that some of the advertising revenue goes towards planting trees but the owner is not specific about the amount or percentage he is giving to this, just going on 25 spots per tree. Now if he stuck to the original costs of a spot these would be VERY expensive trees. At the current discounted price it is not so bad. I can't help thinking he is making a tidy profit though.

To gauge the effect of this, I can check my Adgitize page views I suppose and also entrecard drops. There is no affiliate program involved.

The up-side is that if he does what he says, and keeps the page going indefinitely then it is going to be very low cost and worthwhile advertising. In my case, with several blogs on the go, it could do something for all of them since they are all cross linked. It is a one off, not a monthly cost

The concept is the same really as the old pixel ad sites, but at least here you can SEE the photo avatars for each blog and pick the ones to visit that grab your eye. Mouse over the spots and you can see a 'tool tip' or slogan that the advertiser has put to attract visitors.

The down side is for those clickers who don't use entrecard/Adgitize or similar to encourage regular rather than one off visits, you are solely reliant on your content to make people return. So it had better be good. The first test will be to see if my paid for spot makes it on to the updated site tomorrow - they claim to have your link there the next day. (PS It DID - and I got a nice comment from Bloggersmosaic owner too).

Now I've had time to click on existing spots, t's a little disappointing that not all of them lead to real blogs. Some of them are just ordinary websites and the worst of those are just a page of ad links. Hopefully the owner will make a rule about this so the site is really worth visiting to find more and more interesting new blogs to read.

I also found a Yahoo Answers lookalike called Mahalo which supposedly pays you to answer - that is if the questioner is offering a tip. Again, seems to be no affiliate link. Worth a go, but only a once a day visit methinks or I will be stretching myself and my creative juices too far.


karla mosi said...

i will agree with you nice idea,

New Shamanics said...


I noticed your spot had appeared on Bloggersmosaic late last night after I read the review by Amos but you beat me to the commenting. Maybe spacetime zones have something to do with that because I was turning in just then.

I did arise and go out during pre-dawn and YES I spotted an Ursid Meteor flash. Just one. Because the subzero temperature and much lower windchill encouraged me to 'declare victory and retreat' the several blocks back to here in a wild, yelling rush.

I read a Tweet about Bloggersmosaic and clicked over to take a look, read the FAQs, and decided $25.00 was a mini-risk all things considered. I too was encouraged by the touch of green in the project. Also I signed up for fun, to watch what happens.

Bloggersmosaic's little green tree is my (only) tiny new Yuletide tree this year. This sanctuary is always diversely decorated and the little Norfolk Pine from last year is still alive. I have not been stirred to add more lights and holiday stuff.

I'm reading what Amos blogs day by day and his words on blogging are for me a needed kick in the you know where. Now I shall check your blogs frequently for instructive posts too. I am thrilled to see a Blogger blogger making it happen!

~ Elizabeth