Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Adgitize works!

OK, OK, so it isn't a fortune moneywise, but Adgitize got me a bucketload of visitors last month and with 4 blogs on the go, I ended up close to the top of the leaderboard for points.

NOt without a little effort though.
Adgitize rewards those who post regularly very well in terms of the revenue share, and all my blogs got some attention.

I can absolutely recommend it as a place to advertise your blog. The price of a couple of coffees can buy you a month's advertising which can easily come back to you via Adsense or people joining the affiliate businesses you offer - here's my latest one - a business based on
Healthy Chocolate - what nicer way to make you a living!

For those who 'do'
Entrecard as well, you can use the same 125 x 125 widget image that you use there, for your Adgitize ad.

More than that, it got me acquainted with some very useful, thoughtful and entertaining blogs that I might well not have found otherwise.



I need to look into this adgitize. I only have one blog but I am not very savvy at all the business ends. Thanks.

eric/BlogDeManila said...

Hi Jenny!

I got my November earnings from Adgitize already! Did you get yours?

see my Paypal proof of payment on my blog.

at your Service!

Jenny Fletcher said...

Wannabe Mom, yes, definitely, do it, it is amazingly easy to set up.

Eric/Blog de Manila - I certainly did get my $ from Adgitize - nice surprise, someone signed up and placed an ad, so got the referral fee too. Thanks to Ken/Adgitize, was able to treat myself to some sexy trainers from ebay - colour? PINK of course!

Steve said...


Just added Adgitize to my blog. Hopefully I make a bit more money online than PW.

Mara said...


I've recently started with Adgitize but I'm having problems getting article points. I'm don't know how to put the rssfeed on File. I've tried posting my feed url but I still didn't get any points when I post new entries.

Hopefully someone could help me.:)

Jenny Fletcher said...

Mara - your feed on Adgitize should look like this - just substitute your URL

If you are still having a problem, get onto Ken on the Adgitize forum, he is very helpful and will sort it out for you.

Mara said...

Thanks Jenny!

I e-mailed Ken the other night and he provided me with the RSS, something with an "xml" in the end. It's still not working though. :( He said they're really having problems with some feeds and I should wait till the 23rd if it still doesn't work. I'll try your suggestion afterwards. :)

Thanks again!