Sunday, 14 December 2008

Apologies to my regular droppers and visitors

I messed up in a big way yesterday. I was trying to install a new template and it all went very pear shaped. Ended up with a load of widget placeholders with nothing in them. Have been working hard to get everything back to normal today and waiting for some instructions from the author of the template to correct whatever I did wrong.

Next time I'll play with one of my other blogs that only has a few widgets to mess up :-(

The biggest regret was losing all the list of blogs I read regularly and really like. I'll get them back piecemeal, but the first one to get added to my new list is actually a new (to me) blog I found while on Linkreferral today.

Enjoy this


Mara said...

Aww that kinda s_cks! That's why I'm sorta scared to change my blog template. Not that I even know how. But still. :)

I hope you'll get your favorite blogs back again. :)

Welcome! said...

Hi Jenny,
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Glad to have found you -I'll be reading through more of your post.
Sorry to hear about the template change. I did it for another blog and it all went smoothly, thank goodness.