Sunday, 21 December 2008

Bukisa, a new place to write

A big thanks to my friend over at The Green Ninja for pointing me in the direction of Bukisa as a new place to write for profit.

My blogging income is increasing and I am really enjoying what I'm doing. At a difficult time of my life I have found something fulfilling and at least some of my readers seem to find it entertaining.

I do occasionally duplicate content between my own blogs, but would not do it anywhere else.

Google can detect it and you may lose Page rank. However, what you CAN do is write closely related articles and cross reference them.

For instance, I might write about techniques for cooking with chocolate in one article for Xomba, and refer to another in Bukisa which explains the process by which cocoa beans become the familiar product we know and the other uses to which the by products are put. In another article on my blog, I could give a specific recipe and again, cross reference to the other two.

The format may be a little different to what you are used to as a blogger. On Bukisa you can include video in your posts and indicate that when you index. Text and video items are easy to distinguish and there is a good indexing system to find what you are interested in.

You can also refer your friends, and earn extra revenue from their contributions. It is a visually pleasant and well organised site and I know I am going to enjoy this extra revenue stream.

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thegreenninja said...

That's for joining up under me! I do everything I can to promote those in my network. Good luck!