Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Join a Consumer REVOLUTION!

The newest way for UK people to collect cashback and build a business is here - it's called Cashbackcard.com.

Shop online at the exclusive mall or shop instore. Build a business as an Independent Promoter - visit the sites below for official information.

Cashbackcard.com works to help you personally to reduce your cost of living by collecting cashback (not points!) EVERYWHERE you spend money. Plus you have the  opportunity to develop it into an incredibly powerful business, when your friends and family join too.

New payplan launched in September 2011 - company is still in pre-launch till October 2011, so things may not all be perfect on the website just yet! Contact me for any queries about the benefits of joining and promoting.

I'm already earning as an Independent Promoter. Hope you will join me!

Join Cashbackcard.com free here -

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