Thursday, 26 February 2009

Some you pay for, some you get free

A few weeks ago I mentioned Me2Everyone which is still happily giving away free shares pre-launch, although the site doesn't look terribly pretty yet. I would still recommend signing up though, you never know how it might turn out.

A similar offering popped up today -

The website is once again a pre-launch one and says that it will be offering a combination of all the things we know and love about our social networks, search sites, chat, music and even dating all under one roof.

It offers the chance to earn free Euros for your sign up and from your referrals. Once again, worth a try just for curiosity's sake.

Xocai chocolate is taking the UK by storm and is now about to hit the rest of the Euro zone. If you are a keen network marketer, definitely do not miss this one, and read about some of the benefits of the product on my sister blog Hot Choc Profits.

Adgitize had a lot of technical problems a few weeks back and may have put you off placing an ad with them. It all seems to be sorted out just fine now, and it is such a bargain for blog advertising you really cannot ignore it.

Still doing very well with Twitter and its partners as in my last blog. Not just about the number of people that you can get YOUR message out to, but who you meet and what you learn, and of course the entertainment value.

I never thought of myself as a celebrity watcher, but have been amused by some of the things that Jonathan Ross (wossy) and Stephen Fry tweet about.

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