Wednesday, 4 May 2011

More ways to savings AND extra cash

From what is turning up in my email since the start of the year, it is looking like the new 'Big Thing' for 2011 is going to be discount and cashback schemes with affiliate marketing opportunities included.

Cashbackcard which was very successful in 'soft launch' last year is in the throes of its full launch. You can visit the site and see what it's all about, and you can sign up at no immediate cost and shop online right now. Commission plan for Independent Promoters is extremely good. 

The other moneysaving sites I have found work broadly in the same way. They negotiate deals with companies and recommend them to you. You get a voucher code for a retail website or printable voucher from the site to take with you when you shop (or eat, or visit) - you get your money off and hopefuly the business gets extra trade. Sometimes the offers are more local, and there is an opportunity here for small businesses to get involved.

You can make money by recommending the discount website or specific offers to your friends. If they sign up or participate in the offer too, you benefit.

Groupon is in several countries already and I'm a definite fan Get a daily email to tell you about offers where you live. Recommend offers to your friends for extra money. The deals really are moneysavers if they happen to be what you want when you want it. There are nationally available deals too, don't miss those. An example of a deal in my area this week was a 2 course lunch in a brand new and classy Indian restaurant. The one I snapped up was thirty pounds worth of Body Shop goodies for just twelve quid.

My next find in this category was Quidco - available in the UK only and looking very good with a free-to-join affiliate membership. They have agreed deals with a number of national and internationally known retail chains and websites. Do read the small print and understand what you are getting and any time limits.

Just this week I have joined BeRuby which is also active in several countries and works in a similar way to Quidco in that it gives you coupons or coupon codes, but lots more - how about getting paid to visit your favourite websites? Yes, really, I can earn when I visit the BBC website or check my Googlemail, even when I want to browse ebay!

Finally, and most importantly there is The Customer Advantage. If you are in the USA, you will be the first to benefit from discounts and cashback deals with roll-out worldwide some time in the future. It is in pre-launch now and free to join, so get in at the head of the queue and get recruiting. You DON'T have to be in the USA to join and benefit from the deals accepted by people in your team.  This is a very professional looking site, the explanatory videos and back office area are excellent and I would advise joining immediately regardless of where in the world you are.

Take it from me - these are real sites with real offers that ordinary people and families can benefit from - we are not just talking about big purchases here,  everyday shopping is included on some sites. While Cashbackcard was in soft launch for example, I was getting cashback when I shopped in Sainsburys - no problem - and getting my Nectar points too - double bubble!

Do visit all these sites for yourself and join some or all of them as it suits you. Contact me via this blog with your email address if you would like a personal invite to Cashbackcard when it re-launches, or just watch this space.

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Ranjith said...

That was a good list of sites that offer discounts on everyday products. What we require in this world is not just free money from surveys and PTC sites but also discounts such as these. While many don't like it because they aren't completely free, the truth is that even if we earn money on some site , we ultimately spend it buying something. Moreover there we need to do some work but here, we get it for free.