Thursday, 15 July 2010

Get more signups with team builds - but be choosy

I have been enjoying a rush of new GDI signups in recent days with a couple of team building sites I joined.

There are a lot of websites around that claim to help you build an income with GDI but many of them have a basic problem that could get them into serious trouble with GDI if they aren't careful. The reason for this is simple. The ones I joined are both happy to take me on and put my existing GDI username into the 'back office' for my site to be advertised in rotation.

However, other teams require you to do one of two things.

Either you have a spouse or partner that can sign up into the team build GDI downline or they try to get you to delete your GDI account and join again with them. The problem is, that the second is strictly against the GDI Affiliate terms that you sign when you join.The teambuilders may not tell you about the requirement to be in their downline, in the advertising, it's only when you contact their admin and ask about it, that you find out.

Yesterday, I was re-reading those GDI terms and discovered something else interesting. GDI require you to advertise that you are selling a web hosting service. One ad I saw was explicitly dismissive and rude about the domain and hosting service and said it is just income and it doesn't matter what it is for because you aren't going to use it are you.

When someone signs up in GDI with me, I contact them personally and suggest options for how to use their domain name and hosting space.

To keep within the GDI TOS there should be no inducement whatever from anyone to abandon your current sponsor in any part of the advertising or any material they send you. If you do delete your account and re-join and GDI find out, you stand to lose your new account and your entire downline so watch out.

When I pointed this out to one of them in the traffic exchange Sweeva, the response I got was to say the least aggressive and abusive. I appealed to the admin of Sweeva, who were quite concerned, and I was told that he got a warning. I have heard since that he's done the same to other people on Sweeva and have heard bad things about that specific team build. Still, I am not mentioning them here. I don't need more nastiness - just watch out for some extremely aggressive and boastful language in the advertising and you will have found them. I have also heard that some people have left them because of the overbearing and bossy way they behave when you join them.

Enough about that. Let's take a look at the GOOD guys!

MyEzybiz has just fully launched. They are not solely a GDI team build and have some other very lucrative and interesting income streams. I got in within a few days of their pre-launch and built a handsome 45-person downline. A couple of those have joined GDI with me, others have joined the other  income streams. There is a spillover feature in their team structure which I like.

Income Community works with GDI and with TrafficWave, a high quality and well-respected auto responder. When I first discovered them a week or two back, they too were insisting that you join both opportunities with them. I suggested very politely to their admin. that it would be good business to find a way for existing members to join them and to my surprise they agreed. Now, you can go in as a member of one and join the other with them - result!

It is Income Community who have brought me the two most recent signups in GDI this week so that is very good progress towards the 10 for each business in 60 days that their advertising promises. IC give you a link to promote and their site does the rotational advertising in the background. Brilliant and clearly very effective.

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