Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Squid goes to the movies!

Squidoo gives you a number of options to monetize your lenses. Some of them are shared revenue like Amazon and ebay, but others can bring you direct affiliate commissions.

One of these is Allposters and Squidoo is not the ONLY place that it can make you money - how about this blog for instance.

First step is to sign up with Allposters  then I can put a link to their posters or other merchandise in my lens or blog post.

Allposters expect your content to be broadly relevant to the merchandise you are linking to - here, because I am talking about their site and affiliate program generally, I can link to pretty well anything.

For instance - I could write reams and reams of stuff about my favourite movie 'Casablanca' - the stars, the plot, when and where it was filmed and so on - but today I'm just using it as an illustration - literally. Allposters is a good way of getting some pictorial content into your posts without falling foul of any copyright issues.
What I did today was to get some pics for a lens I wrote recently that features the books I'd take to a desert island - along the lines of the famous BBC radio programme 'Desert Island Discs' - I am sure Roy Plomley would approve though.  Several books have had movies made from them so I got hold of the links to the posters and automatically pulled in the images.

The basic HTML you get doesn't come out quite like the above - it needs a bit of tweaking - this Squidoo lens explains how.

Displaying merchandise is not the only way to make money either - you can give out your Allposters affiliate link and anyone who signs up with you as their referrer will also make you money when they do.

I'm also going to add a sidebar item linking to Allposters, so whatever blog post is on top, it will be available.

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