Thursday, 1 October 2009

The message gets through!

Just a brief post from me.

It seems at last that my message about duplication is getting through. I have had a couple of comments here directly on my blog, but have had a whole lot more as DM's on Twitter, emails and messages via social networks, skype and so on.

This is going to hurt a lot. All those marketers out there that tell you that all you have to do is buy THEIR course, or e-book or whatever are pulling the wool over your eyes.

Learn to read between the lines and don't waste any more money. This is the way they trap you. You sign up for a 'free' or very cheap e-book. When you confirm your email and click through, you are put on a page with another tempting offer. Statistically a lot of people weaken at this point and buy the extra product. That's just ONE hook.

You might or might not read the e-book. Lots of people never read half of what they download. You crazily start promoting something else. What HAPPENED to the original product you signed with?

Keep focussed. Choose a product - a simple, great useful product like a domain and hosting from GDI. Join GDI with me and I'll teach you, at no additional cost why you needn't spend money on extra e-books and courses and what these guys are REALLY doing to get your money.

I'll show you that the tiny amount of money you spend when you first join GDI will rapidly turn into profit AND how you then build on that profit.

It's taken some time, but it IS working. Even if you NEVER made money online before, you can now.

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