Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Link and Drop Luvvies

I've been very remiss about doing this before, but it really is time that I said thanks to those people who regularly drop on my entrecard, visit all my blogs via Adgitize and give me link love in other ways.

I'm saying thanks here on behalf of all of my blogs (even those Entrecard doesn't like - sticks out tongue ) so if you are wondering why you're here when you've only visited the others - now you know. The list is in the sidebar if you haven't seen my other blogging efforts.

Broadly speaking, those who Adgitize have Entrecard, although not necessarily vice versa. These are the names I see most frequently when I analyse who has visited and who I am pretty sure stays around longer than the 5 seconds it takes to find the widget and record your visit.

In no particular order.....

Greg Matthews likes to rant
Raging Rev
Orient Lodge
Girls Business
Bring Home the Dollars
Adsense Addict
Fire and Glass
Emm In London
Qiwoman's Click Corner
Annie's Savvy Cafe
A Redhead Ranting
A Second Cup

....and lots, lots more - you really are appreciated and more so if you comment, so I can improve and write stuff you will like.

What was particularly satisfying is the number who visited my new foodie blog For the Love of British Food on Today.com when I launched it recently. I reviewed Today.com as a blogging platform a few days ago.

Apart from my BIG Entrecard whinges, I had a little one in their forum. I keep getting ad requests from people who haven't even checked out my content and dropped - I've stopped approving them and they get a rejection and little 'love note' to say drop first then ask again. Tell me what you think.

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carol at A Secnd Cup said...

Thank you for listing A Second Cup and creating a helpful list. There are a couple of blogs I am off to check out!